Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Baby O is on the way!

This past Sunday, I hosted a baby shower for my best friend Rachael. We did a Dr Seuss theme and stayed relatively cheap with the help of the Dollar Tree and free printables!

We held it in a conference room at the Best Western and it ended up being the perfect size and a convenient location. Rachael found the spot!

This was the table you first came to when you walked in the room. It had the photo booth props on it, advice cards, and the "how many fish game", along with pens. The advice cards were designed by our graphic designer friend, Daniel!

The bowtie and the cat in the hat hat for the photo booth are from here. I tried to print out the Lorax moustache but ended up having to free hand it as well as the Thing 1 hair on some foam. I glued all of the cut outs on to poster board then taped to a dowel. The foam we had at the house, poster board was $3 but I used every bit of it, and the dowels were $3 for a pack of a million and four. I don't know what I'm going to do with all of them!

The yellow and green pom poms on the wall were from Hobby Lobby, $5 for a pack of 3. The yellow plastic tubs and the red bowl that you see holding the leis were all from dollar tree (as the leis, the fuzzy flamingo pens, the blue hat, and the windmill flower you will see later).

The Dr Seuss character graphics we used for the poems, advice cards, and food labels are from here.

Next to the first table was the dresser thing with the party favors on it and then the present table. The Dr Seuss books and stuffed animals, Rachael brought. She had all of the books already and the stuffed animals were from Kohls and Ebay. They were great props to set around on the tables with their brights colors! We also hung up pictures I had taken of Rachael and some of her and her husband Brantlee on clothesline to show them off. I hadn't put them on Facebook so they were a surprise for everyone at the shower! Rachael provided the Dr Seuss onesies and the bibs shown, which are reusable obviously. She also the super cute diaper cake that everyone was talking about with Horton on top!

Another thing I made was the balloon wreath. I bought balloons at Dollar Tree, I used about 4 packs, and straight pins at Walmart for $3. Then I went to Hobby Lobby to get the floral foam wreath and the O. Then, while watching Game of Thrones, I stuck the wreath like crazy. I used all of the balloons I could fit on the sucker! The only downside I noticed was that the pins didn't stick super well and I had to reattach a few after transfer. It was cute for the shower though and Rachael took it for her house. I did warn her about the fragility of the thing, but I'll have to ask her how it's doing with her.

The poem by the sanitizer, which was the shower present read: The shower was good, the party was great! Thanks for coming to celebrate! Here's a treat to clean your hands, when you meet the cutest new baby in all the land. Rachael picked out the gift and I loved how she got the four colors we were focusing on in our color scheme! I also found some Dr Seuss "Read More" bookmarks that I set in a, you guessed it, Dollar Tree watering can.

Onto the food right?? We kept the theme going with green eggs and ham (pinwheels and deviled eggs with green food coloring), Truffala tree fruits and dip, poodles noodles (pasta salad), Katroo cake (cupcakes, not pictured), oh the places you'll go cookies (recipe here), moose juice (sprite with lime sherbet), and pink's yink ink drink (pink lemonade. It was all really simple food that everyone knows and enjoys. We didn't have really anything to throw away when the shower was over. We tried to stay true to keeping the characters on the food labels consistent with the book the name came from but sometimes we improvised.

 The paper lanterns on the table were from Michael's
craft store, 2 for a $1. That's where I got the "Horton" mask from too. Rachael's mom got all the plates, forks, napkins, table cloths, cups and the jugs that the drinks went in.

Besides the guess how many fish game, we only played one game: Present Bingo. We printed out empty bingo cards on cardstock and told the guests to fill them out based on what presents you think the baby to be would get. Examples included bottles and diapers. As Rachael was opening her presents, the guests would mark along with her. It made for a very spirited and engaged present opening. My only complaint was that it was over too quickly, as the first three people won prizes and then we were out! Everyone seemed to have a good time with though.

The photo booth and the advice cards were our other activities. Everyone eventually got in the booth once they saw how fun it would be and I told them, blantantly trying to guilt then, "it's for Rachael!". The advice cards weren't such a hit though which kind of bummed me out. I think we got about half of the people to fill them out which I'm so glad, but I was hoping everyone would! I don't have any kids so I get not feeling like you have advice, but I wrote down something that I learned from my mom: make sure your kid always knows they're first. My mom always told me that she would believe me over anyone and that she would protect me no matter what. I believed her and knew that if anything bad happened to me she would always stand behind me and help me out. Just the way Rachael's talking about the baby, I know she's going to be an amazing mom. She hasn't even had it yet and she's already sacrificing for it! (By the way, I'm allowed to call it an "it" because they chose not to find out the gender and I'm trying not to get too expectant for a boy OR a girl.)
I'll leave you with some silly pictures from the photo booth and the shower fun!

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