Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Vacation: Day 1

 On the Fourth of July I woke up in Williamsburg.

Daniel and I got ready and made our way down to Soho. The Strand book store wasn't open yet, so we slipped out of the heat into a small cafe across the street for coffee. I saw a butter croissant and couldn't help myself. I also bought my first macroon which I tucked away in my purse for later (it was lemonade and delicious). We sat for about an hour and just chatted. It wasn't anything that they would put in a guide book, but getting to catch up with one of my best friends was definitely a trip highlight. The Strand opened at 11 and we headed inside to browse. I ended up getting two of the three souvenirs I purchased for myself here: the Pride and Prejudice with the cover I've been looking all over for and a Strand tote.

We left and as we walked the streets, I couldn't help but pause and take pictures: the architecture, the graffiti, the street signs! We ate lunch at Katz deli (made famous by When Harry Met Sally) which won my heart over with pastrami on rye with mustard. Then we headed to the National September 11Memorial. I can't really describe how that experience was. I can't say it was "fun" or "great", but I'm so glad we went.
Next, to lighten things up, we headed to the Museum of Sex. My favorite part of the museum was the exhibit: The Sex Lives of Animals. Description: From same sex pairings and masturbation to dolphin blowhole sex and panda porn, The Sex Lives of Animals establishes a “new natural history” and exposes how humans may not be the only species in the animal kingdom engaging in sex for pleasure. I really liked the sculptures that were featured in this exhibit but I also just liked reading all the different facts. If you know anything about me you should know that I fucking love nature; as long it's not crawling on or biting me.

After we looked through the three exhibits we headed to the basement where the museum bar was located. I had a Sweet Tits which tasty like minty Christmas perfection. TVs around the seating areas were showing pivotal sexual moments in cinematic history (think Lolita and Mrs Robinson). The movie Daniel and I wanted to see based on its description was Caligula. The clip they kept showing made no sense to us and we analyzed the logistics of the sexual act being shown.

After our drinks, we headed to Eatly after this to browse all the yummy foods and of course we couldn't leave without some gelato. My chocolate chip was outstanding. Then, both tired, we headed back to Brooklyn to take a nap. Daniel woke me up just in time for fireworks on his rooftop. It was such a nice night, just sitting out and chatting. Definitely one of my best fourth of July's.

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