Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Vacation Day 2

  Friday we woke up oh so early and headed to Central Park. On the way, we stopped at D's favorite bagel place, Bagel Smith and got a sesame seed bagel with bacon scallion cream cheese to split. Oh yes, it's as heavenly as it sounds. Every day I've been to work since I got back I stop at Old School Bagel Cafe and get the closet thing they have: sesame seed bagel with chive and onion cream cheese.

After the bagel filled subway ride, we waited in line to see Imagine Dragons on Good Morning America. It was quite the experience, seeing the crowd cheer on command and dancing through sound check only to hear the same four songs when we went live. I was not disappointed at all of course, just a different kind of concert than I'm used to. That being said - Imagine Dragons was incredible. They have great energy and seemed so chill. I want to see them in a real concert setting for sure! Then Daniel took me on a mini tour of Central Park, leading to one of the "must see"s on my list - the Alice statue. I could've sat there for days! We then went to the Central Park Zoo which I was really excited about because, even though it's smaller, they have an arctic and a tropic zone! We didn't get to see the snow leopard, but the penguins were in full comedic force and the red pandas actually moved around! We also saw a swan bite a guys shoe! Luckily, he was holding his son - I can only imagine how awful that would've been.


We explored 5th ave, stopping at Tiffanys for an obligatory picture of course, but what I ended up being most excited about was the Louis Vuitton window displays! I had read that they were going to be using dinosaur skeletons painted gold, but didn't know when or where and lo and behold - we found them! I hadn't even said anything to Daniel about them, we just happened to walk by! We went to the Apple Store also which was just massive and overwhelming, granted I think that about the one in Penn Square mall!

We went to St Patrick's, Daniel's favorite cathedral and I can definitely see why. I lit a candle for my grandma there and just gaped at the fantastic architecture and stained glass. The amount of effort and time put into churches always astounds me; how much we as humans are willing to do to show our love.

Then came Rockefeller Center, the Lego store, NBC studio store, and the Gorilla Cheese Truck. We both ate smoked gouda with bbq pulled pork and onions on wheat bread; mine with a sweet thai chili sauce. We took our sandwiches back to Smack Pack where Daniel works and ate in the AC. I loved his office, almost homey with doodles on the white board and every one's desk area just a little personalized.

After our little rest, we headed to the New York Public Library with one thing on my mind: Pooh Bear. The original Winnie and friends that inspired A.A.Milne to write the book are housed in the children's library; however, after we made our way downstairs we discovered that they were not. Going back to the main floor, we found The ABC of It: Why Children's Books Matter, a special exhibit. Not only did we find Pooh, but Alice (in Wonderland) and Max (Where the Wild Things Are)! They even had one of my favorite books as a kid on display: The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales. It was another unexpected treasure of our journey. The exhibit is on display until March 23, 2014 if you happen to be in NYC.

A quick stop at Grand Central station before heading to the MOMA for Uniqlo Free Friday... But wait. The line for "free Friday" was almost circling the entire block! Even though I didn't get to go the MOMA on my first trip either, we both decided it wasn't worth the wait and headed to Greenwich Village. A little ahead of schedule, we decided to get some Starbucks and chat before going to see The Accidental Pervert, an off-off-Broadway one man show. The show was definitely an experience. I found the content funny, but at times the delivery was a little awkward. The third wall was broken a little too often for my taste and took me out of his story. The ending was kind of abrupt, but I won't ruin it for you. The show itself was hilarious and interesting, but I just wish he would've stuck to the "script" a bit more. We met and took a picture with him afterwards and I found him to be a very nice stand up guy.

We stopped at a pub to split a salad and get a round of drinks before making it to Marie's Crisis. This was definitely a highlight of the trip. Marie's is a little dive bar, said with all the love in my heart, that is loudly and proudly "pro-gay". The bar itself is nothing impressive, take a few steps down to a room with a piano and not fifteen steps across the room is the bar. They only serve two ingredient drinks - rum and coke, vodka tonic, gin and soda - the fanciest drink I saw made a Bloody Mary. But baby, you don't go there for the drinks! You go for the singing! Broadway show-tunes, new and old; from Oklahoma to Annie to Les Mis, there's something for everyone. And surprisingly, in a a crowded loud bar, we met and talked to three of the nicest couples, all together 15+ years. I mean good conversation too about the hardships of being a gay couple in the south to the differences between our generation and their's. It was absolutely incredible.

Tipsy, tired, and thoughtful we took a cab back to Brooklyn.
I feel asleep humming "raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens..."

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