Saturday, August 3, 2013

Vacation Day 3

On Saturday, we were some lazy bums and slept in until 11ish before heading to Pies-n-Thighs for brunch. I got their scramble - eggs with zucchini, goat cheese, and basil with home fries and a biscuit. Daniel got a fried chicken basket with a side of bacon. We both got Wamosas (watermelon puree with champagne) and split a pecan crunch donut.Then we headed to Artists and Fleas, a weekly artist, designer, and vintage market in Williamsburg. I found a sweet necklace: gold plated TRex skull with a gold plated pig in it's mouth; however, at $120, I decided it was not that cute. The market had a lot of cool vintage wear and lots of eclectic booths. If I was living in NYC, I would definitely head there at least once a month. Then we walked a very short ways to the East River Waterfront.The view was gorgeous and we got some very nice girls to take our picture with the city in the background.

Then we headed to Union Square to, very randomly, meet one of my absolute favorite Viners - Rudy Mancouso. Daniel watched as I pushed my way thru the crowd to get a seven second video of myself with him, mostly to make my dad's day. That was an experience all on it's own; girls were crying! If you have a vine, you must follow him. Rudy's funny, talented, and now I can say - a genuinely nice guy.

Next we headed to the Gansevoort Hotel rooftop. You guys. If you go on one rooftop, make it this one. You can see just about everything you could ever need from here. They have ample seating, though the pool is just for guests, and a bar so you really could stay up there all day.

We, of course, had to stop by Carrie Bradshaw's apartment while in Greenwich Village. Funnily enough, the first time Daniel laid eyes on it in person, it was on accident! Then he took me to Big Gay Ice Cream. It was so hot outside, I just got plain vanilla in a cup, but what I wanted to try was a Bea Arthur. Along with vanilla ice cream, a Bea Arthur is infused with dulce de leche and covered in crushed 'nilla wafers. Daniel got a Salty Pimp, which seemed to be a very popular choice. It is once again vanilla ice cream with dulce de leche, but also sea salt and then covered with a hard chocolate dip! It looked so yummy! Their logo has rainbows and unicorns, so you know I was all about that!

Then we headed to Central Park to see She & Him. This concert was how Daniel tricked me
into visiting him in the first place. He bought my ticket for my birthday and how could I possibly let that go to waste?? The concert was absolutely amazing. Camera Obscura opened and then She & Him played for about two hours. Two of my favorite parts were the most stripped down. For one song, Zooey Deschanel sang with her two back up singers and for another just Zooey D and M Ward sang. They're all so talented, to hear them without all the extra instruments for a change was lovely. Don't get me wrong, the rest of the concert with all the instruments was extremely amazing too, I'm just a sucker for the simple.

For dinner we headed back to Brooklyn, an Italian place called Acqua Santa. I had "petto di pollo al salmoriglio" which is a chicken breast brick oven baked with an infusion of garlic, oil, vinegar, mint, and herbs. It's served with roasted potatoes and a mixture of zuchinni, squash, and carrots. The chicken was tender and delicious, everything I wanted. I got a tiramisu to go and it was the perfect breakfast a few days later.

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