Monday, August 5, 2013

Vacation Day 4

By Sunday, my feet were feeling the pain. Luckily, Daniel is the sweetest and was okay taking it easy. We slept in and went to Maya on the Upper East Side for unlimited brunch. This may be a little tedious and overwhelming, but I want to remember everything so here's what we ate:

  • fresh fruit seasoned with "chile limone
  • chipolte crispy bacon 
  • arugula salad with slivered almond, cranberry, chipolte balsamic, and panela cheese
  • smoked brisket tacos with creamy chile slaw and pickled onion
  • chicken tinga tacos with pico de gallo, crema fresca, and black bean
  • chicken enchiladas: corn tortilla, tomatillo sauce, gouda, crema fresca, and pickled chiles
  • huitlacoche and wild mushroom enchiladas: corn tortilla, chayote salad, roasted garlic, mexican ricotta, chile sauce
  • chicken tamal: corn masa, shredded chicken, chipotle tomato sauce
  • pan dulce: mexican french toast, chipolte cajeta, nutella, bananas, topped with whipped crema fresca
  • chilaquiles divorciados: poached eggs, tortillas, red sauce, green sauce, black bean

And we both had margaritas for our drinks. We hung out for the whole two hour limit chatting and eating, then we made our way down to see Potted Potter, an unauthorized Harry Potter experience. It was literally none of the funniest shows I've ever seen.

After the show we headed to Roosevelt Island. This was another one of my "must see" things on the list and I was so glad Daniel enjoyed it too! From the tip of the park you could see Long Island and just feeling the wind and smelling the salt water was amazing. We sat for a while watching the waves and talking about the trip. It started to sink in that I was leaving the next day.

We headed back to Williamsburg to eat at Juliette. According to their website, it has original French lighting, table stands and signage to create an authentic French brasserie atmosphere. Our antique bar – circa 1930 – anchors the entrance. When we sat down I saw escargot on the menu and was instantly excited. I begged Daniel to try it for the first time and he obliged. I also got homemade parmesan gnocchi with imported speck and peas. After the first bite I decided I needed to know how to make this. 
On the way home we stopped at Williamsburg Creamery and got delicious butterscotch swirl ice cream. We ate as we walked and I tried to take in every detail of Daniel's streets. I hardly fell asleep that night knowing that at 4 am, it would all be over.

I woke up on Monday and packed the last of my things. Then I sat on the couch with Rachel's cat and ate my left over tiramisu. I went through the pictures on my camera and rewatched my Vine videos on my phone. When the car company called to say they were downstairs, I quietly say goodbye to Daniel. I made my way down the dreaded stairs for the last time and watched the skyline pass as I rode to the airport.

My trip to NYC was absolutely amazing thanks to my best friend Daniel. I'm so lucky and grateful to have him in my life. Not a day has gone by that I haven't thought about something we did while I was there. On the flight home I was already planning my next trip! Maybe around Christmas time next time...

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