Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Dear Body.

Hair, I'm sorry I color, blow dry, straighten, curl, and pull you.
You retaliate by shedding on everything and as annoying as I find this, I respect your attitude.
Forehead, I'm sorry for hiding you under my hair, but you're so large.
I've come to terms with this and will show you off more.
Eyes, I'm sorry I make you stare at technology all day and strain you.
I like the color of you even though without help I cannot see anything.
Ears, I'm sorry I blast too loud music in you and nose, I'm sorry I pierced you and that I scrunch you.
I think you're both small and cute.

Chin, there's two of you now. I'm working on it.
Neck, thank you for helping me holding my head up.
Clavicles, you're neglected.
Chest, you're others' favorite.
Heart, we've come along way. You're being more taken care of these days.

Stomach, I'm sorry I put so many awful and unhealthy things in you.
I'm going to try to treat you nicer.
Legs and feet, I take you for granted. Thank you for carting me around all these years.
Also, thanks for not getting above a size 7, feet.
Arms, you're kinda fat. But that's not your fault.
I'm going to work on that.
Thanks for still fitting in all the cardigans and not looking like sausages.
Fingers and hands, you're adorable.
Thank you for allowing me to write, type, paint, and take pictures.

Dear Body,
I have mistreated you and plan on continuing to.
I'm going to pierce and tattoo you.
I'm going to forget sunscreen and burn you.
I'm going to fall and bruise you.
I'm going to cut you, wound you, abuse you.
Thank you for staying with me all these years.
I appreciate you.

Love always, Lauren.

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