Friday, April 18, 2014

week without social media

This week was a lot harder than I anticipated it to be.

Our Team Manager requested one on one's with all of us to chat and kind of get to know us. As we were talking about my future, or five year plan, I started talking about social media marketing.

Have you heard of Tyler Oakley? He became "famous" because of his YouTube channel. He's basically a professional fan girl. He has 4,249,258 followers on Youtube as of this blog, a widely popular tumblr, 2.2 million followers on twitter, and over 1,000,000 likes on facebook. That's a pretty good set up for a boy from Michigan who started making videos to keep in touch with his friends from home! Taco Bell must think so too because they snapped him right up. They've been sending him to events and retweeting him for a while now. And because of Tyler Oakley, I follow Taco Bell on Twitter. Taco Bell - a place I do not frequent - I follow them because of their sassiness! (And okay. that Dorito Locos Taco was pretty bomb too).

Taco Bell saw on opportunity to associate with an already widely popular social media queen and just made themselves more accessible. The way that they have branded themselves is so genius and inspiring to me.

Another example of why I love social media so much - DiGiorno Pizza on Twitter. The way I discovered this twitter was during the Sound of Music Live. They were throwing shade right along with me. And since that day, they have not disappointed yet.

If I could meet two people right now today - I might just choose the people who run these two twitters. I feel like they could teach me a thing or two!

Speaking about the subject of social media with my boss just sparked this passion within me. What a way to connect, what a way to spread your message, I should get started - oh yeah, I have to wait until Saturday.

So this week I threw myself into my blog. I've been planning a lot of things that I really look forward to sharing with you all. As you can see I have a signature now.. Fancy, fancy. And I've also added an About Me page. If you have any questions about who I am or what I stand for, feel free to ask them! I'd love to know who's reading my blog :) It's also a lot easier now to share my posts and follow me on my various media platforms! Expect to see me full force on all of them! I'm definitely ready to be back.

I did make an exception to this rule because I'm trying to get a jump start on some fundraising. This year, in two weeks, I will be participating in the MS Walk for the first time. The company I work for now is a supporter and I want to help out to this cause. My goal is DOUBLE the national average - $500! So, anything that you can give helps, honestly. If you live in the Oklahoma area and would like to help out by participating, DM on one of those social medias and I can get you all set up :)

Until next time,

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Saturday, April 5, 2014

week without tv

April is going to be a time to change. It's spring time, renewal, rebirth!

I feel like when I watch TV or go to the movies all the time it kind of takes me out of life. Now, that's what I love about it - getting sucked into another world, but I feel like lately it's all I want to do when I'm home. I want to be more active - physically, mentally, emotionally. I want to stop sitting and staring and at least sit and chat!