Saturday, April 5, 2014

week without tv

April is going to be a time to change. It's spring time, renewal, rebirth!

I feel like when I watch TV or go to the movies all the time it kind of takes me out of life. Now, that's what I love about it - getting sucked into another world, but I feel like lately it's all I want to do when I'm home. I want to be more active - physically, mentally, emotionally. I want to stop sitting and staring and at least sit and chat!

So for the first week in April, I gave up everything related to the TV or movie theatres. I did not turn the TV on this whole week. So I took some notes on how that went every day.

Saturday, March 29
I started out my first day busy. I spent the morning with Myke, went and had a yummy breakfast at Classen Grill. Then I met Abby for her birthday lunch! We ate at Olive Garden and then tooted around Hobby Lobby where I found some super cute risers for my desk. When I got home it was already 4ish. Then I spent a lot of time on my phone. I wish it wasn't true, but my first day without TV was mostly spent playing Tapped Out Simpsons and catching up on months worth of vines.

Sunday, March 30
I woke up with intent. I got ready, headed to Myke's, made him breakfast, and then poked at him until he woke up too. We spent the morning picking up some junk around the house, then on to the OKC MOA. Both of the traveling exhibits are great and I always love the Chihuly glass. Then we went to Whole Foods to poke around at some fancy fruit. I got a cherimoya! Then we went to Walmart so Myke could get supplies for dinner. We came back and I played Tapped Out some more while he cooked jambalaya! It was delicious and while we ate, we talked. Then we took a walk together around his neighborhood. When we came back we played Ticket to Ride until we couldn't keep our eyes open anymore!

Monday, March 31
The work week has begun. Today went by easily, after work I drove home and then went with Leah to get flowers for her garden. We had our first snow cone of the year too! By the time I took a shower and checked my email, it was time for bed.

Tuesday April 1
Today was super easy also. I went to work and then headed to Myke's. We chatted for a bit and tried the Cherimoya! I would be very interested in eating another one as I know I was impatient. It could've been a little riper, aka a little softer, but the flavor of it was still really nice! Then went down to the Blue Note to meet some of his friends for a beer. Then we went to Wing Stop, changing up our Wing Tuesday routine a little. Again, by the time we got back it was already bed time!

Wednesday, April 2
Today I'm thinking about how all my usual "TV time" is basically being spent on my phone. I really thought I was going to read more. Ah, such is life. I have been sitting a lot less this week which was really my whole point. Less staring at a box, more getting up and doing things (or at least having a lively conversation while staring at a smaller box).
Tonight Rachael and Cam came over and I got to make them a vegan dinner. I think I did alright - sauteed potatoes, carrots, onions, zucchini, sweet peppers, and broccoli. Then we hung out in the living room and I watched all the things the little man can do now. He sure is mobile!

For Tuesday and Wednesday's updates: I also wore an ostomy bag during this time. It was an optional part of my training for work that I took full advantage of. I'm working on a more in depth account of this that I will be posting sometime next week!

Thursday, April 3
I'm not going to lie, this morning I am going to check movie times to see if I can catch The Grand Budapest Hotel before it goes out of theatres. I just like being prepared for the future! I'm also thinking about how I don't want to spend my social media-free week just watching TV all the time. If I have time to check on my phone for an hour, I have time to walk for 30 min. Geez.
 Tonight I cooked the leftover vegetables from last night for my lunch tomorrow. I washed dishes. I baked slutty brownies. I looked through all my unread books and picked the one I'm going to read next. I sent out my transcript to OCCC. I wrote my grandparents a letter and sent them some pictures. I feel productive.

Friday, April 4
I got wingstop on my way home from work and then settled into my bed with my audio book. Yup, an audio book. I've been listening to Gone Girl in my car and it got to the point today where I couldn't stop once I got home. So I pulled out my portable cd player, some extra batteries and sat cross legged in my bed. By the time I knew it, it was 10 o'clock and I was ready for bed. I'm happy to say that my last night of no TV was spent listening to an audio book for hours.

Overall, I'm kind of disappointed in myself. I spent most of my time either out and about (awesome) or on my phone (not so awesome). I am glad that I can occupy myself in other ways though. Even if it is just rearranging my Simpson's town or picking up my room for the first time in weeks.

Next week, starting today, I'm giving up complaining. I want to work on putting a postive spin on everything in my life. Complaining, bitching, being upset only wastes my time and drags me down. If there's just something that can't be solved, is out of my control I will ball it up and shoot it out into the universe. I will not waste my energy on things that are out of my control because what I can control is my attitude.

... Let's see how this goes. Now leave me alone, I'm trying to watch the last two episodes of S1 of Sherlock!

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