Friday, May 30, 2014

100 Days Happy Pt 2

#100happyday challenge is for you - not for anyone else.
There's a lot of selfies this round. Deal with it.
Check out 100HAPPYDAYS.COM to start your own journey!

The "Olaf"
Wedding Cake with Dreamsicle in the middle
Our waiter at Genghis Grill
The whole meal, he laughed with us and was just a light. I decided he was going to be my happy for this day. Abigail and I told him about our "Happy Days" project when we asked for a selfie and it brought a tear to his eye. We talked about how people are so engrossed in their phones and how really connecting with people is so rare these days. He was so willing to just take a selfie with us, but I'm glad I took a moment to explain the project to him. He signed up on the spot and we encouraged each other on our journeys of happiness.
Leah snapchatted this while we were driving.
I found these tires to be hilarious.
My cousins graduated.
God help us.
Camden's monster butt
claw foot bathtubs
A giftcard so our meal was only $2
Myke was super stoked about it too....
I treated myself to some gel nails and found this post to be rather appropriate
Dancing in the rain at Skrillex
comfy chairs at Penn Square AMC
We saw XMen!
I bought this sweet Shark flat bill
my bed.
I spent a lot of the weekend snuggled up watching movies.
Hair cut
We got new team shirts!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


The hashtag YESALLWOMEN was launched this memorial day weekend. The hashtag was started after Elliot Rodger, a twenty-two-year-old man, went on a shooting spree on Isla Vista, near the University of California Santa Barbara, killing six people before committing suicide. In the weeks leading up to the killings, Rodger posted a series of YouTube videos and a hundred-and-fourty-one-page autobiographical “manifesto,” declaring his hatred of all women because, basically, they wouldn't sleep with him. More details of his case can be found easily enough online so let's move on.

Rodgers comments inspired the online community to create the hashtag #yesallwomen to criticize the way society teaches men to feel entitled to women at the expense of their health, safety and, in Rodger’s case, lives. Some men began tweeting in response #notallmen. As in not all men are like this.

Umm, hey guys? We know. My father is an amazing man who has always told me I'm my only limit; I can do or be or say anything I believe. Myke (that's my boyfriend) has never been anything but empowering, encouraging, and amazing to me. Shall I go on? I shouldn't need to. Women know that not all men are gross jerks; HOWEVER, every single women has a story about how a man has acted entitled to her body.

When I was 21, I went to a party with some friends. I got all dolled up, had a few drinks and was ready to dance. I've danced with strangers before - don't worry Mom, I don't set my drinks down - but this night I just felt like doing it up with my girls. This guy came up behind me and started grinding on my ass. I scooted away from him, not wanting to cause a fight, but wanting him to go away.
He followed me the foot or two and said over the music, "You got a boyfriend or something?"
I turned to face him and said "no," slightly confused.
"Well then what's the big deal baby?" he asked and grabbed my hips to pull me towards him. I just shook my head and went to the bathroom, hoping he'd move along instead of wait. He did, but I was still confused.

He was telling me that my choices were A) Be "someone's" or B) Be "anyone's".

Before Myke, I dabbled in the world of "Friends with Benefits." It's a very confusing place to set up camp. I remember making out with an aforementioned FWB and he pushed to take it farther. I informed him that I didn't feel comfortable doing anything besides kissing. He asked if I was a virgin. I left and never spoke to him again. While I was very proud of myself at the time for this decision, I wish I would've said more. I felt so undervalued and unimportant. Why did he think that if I had already "lost" it that it had lost all meaning? It was still important to me, still so personal and invasive. And when I talked to him, it was like something he expected from me.

Now I am quick to take the blame in any situation. I am always trying to think of how I could be a better me. And this time I thought "Well, we were kissing" and "Maybe I lead him on". However, now I have some time under my belt and I know that I should be able to say NO at anytime. I deserve to feel comfortable and safe. If I don't want to, then I don't have to.

Those are only two of my stories. If any woman has only just two I'd be shocked.
I shouldn't have to hold my keys in my hand as a weapon as my walk to my car or predial 9-1 on my phone just in case. What I wear should not justify any one else's behavior towards me. "I don't want to" should be just a viable as "I have a boyfriend". I have never and don't plan on treating all men the same, but I do treat all people with respect. Always, up front that's what I start with. Not because you're older than me or in a higher position or a certain gender, but because you're a human.

Until Next Time,

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

The twins graduated. Shit I'm old.

 I've never been a mom, but if my love for these girls in any indication of what kind of mother I'm going to be - Watch out future kids. My love for these kids is disgusting. I think they could walk on water simply because I believe it to be true. They are so fucking weird and smart and gorgeous and everything. They're everything. Did I mention they're hilarious? There's so many things I've wanted to share with them that just weren't appropriate because they were still in high school. I'd want to take them to a movie or loan them a book and then think - Geezus Lauren, they can't read Chelsea Handler - they're 14! I just forget because they're so everything.

Well, this past Saturday they graduated High School. They're officially like adults now. Well, college students but close enough. So, I figured it's about time to properly introduce you guys to them.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

100 Happy Days PART ONE

Starting 05/01/2014, I began participating in 100 Happy Days. Every day I'm going to take a picture of something I'm happy about and every two weeks, I'm going to share them in a blog with you. Here's the first 14 things I'm happy for! I hope to see some of you take the pledge with me and play along! You can start any day and it only takes, what - 2 seconds to take a picture?

Lunch with my Co Workers
(cheat - this picture was not taken on day 1)
Morning Conversations with my Roomie
With the help of my friends and family, I raised $530 for the MS Walk of Oklahoma!

Roxy's Ice Cream truck!
This picture is of the fire that burned in Guthrie, OK.
I am not happy about this obviously.
The picture was taken from Wilkin's Auto Body Shop.
They are full of amazing people who always help me with my dumb car problems.
Wing Tuesday!
Watching Grackels court before work with Myke
Note: there are no Grackels in this picture cause they're sneaky little bastards!
I had the absolute worst migraine this day

Great seats with Great people at the Redhawks Game!
My Grandma came to my cousin's baby shower!
I was expecting to see her and just hoarded her time the whole afternoon.
Dick, Myke's accordion teacher playing at the Accordion Club Pizza Party
Lemon Meriunge Pie
Note: Gus was trying to be happy about pie too
The gazelles on my shirt!

Getting my cubicle all nice and decorated!
I'm thinking of doing a cubicle tour soon...

I can't wait to see everyone else's pictures as hopefully more people take this pledge!
Until next time,
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Friday, May 9, 2014

I'm so done with you.

Leah is my roommate and my best friend. You don't know about Leah? Where have you been? Check out my blog about her HERE and learn all about why I know she's amazing. Being my roommate and best friend, I spend a lot of time with Leah. I have also decided that on a daily basis she says "I'm done" to me more than any one else. Here's some things that have made her done with me lately.

  • I let her know I'm expecting some packages soon. When she asked me what I bought I informed her: bobby pins from Amazon.
  • She's on a 21 day cleanse. That means I get her left over crab rangoon. I heated them up, put them on a paper towel, and found myself eating them in the bathroom in front of the mirror. I have photographic proof.
  • She sent me a snapchat of her "sleeping". I responded "Oh bae caught you sleeping?" She didn't get the meme.
  • I tried to show her two new shirts I had bought from Ross. "You went shopping without me? I hate them." before she had even SEEN them!
  • I won the self given award of "ATE TOO MUCH PASTA" and gave the left overs to one of her dogs. Apparently, you're not supposed to put the pasta ON the dog no matter how hilarious you find it.
  •  I veet-ed.
  • Toilet selfies on SnapChat - even though she sends them back.

Until Next Time,
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