Friday, May 30, 2014

100 Days Happy Pt 2

#100happyday challenge is for you - not for anyone else.
There's a lot of selfies this round. Deal with it.
Check out 100HAPPYDAYS.COM to start your own journey!

The "Olaf"
Wedding Cake with Dreamsicle in the middle
Our waiter at Genghis Grill
The whole meal, he laughed with us and was just a light. I decided he was going to be my happy for this day. Abigail and I told him about our "Happy Days" project when we asked for a selfie and it brought a tear to his eye. We talked about how people are so engrossed in their phones and how really connecting with people is so rare these days. He was so willing to just take a selfie with us, but I'm glad I took a moment to explain the project to him. He signed up on the spot and we encouraged each other on our journeys of happiness.
Leah snapchatted this while we were driving.
I found these tires to be hilarious.
My cousins graduated.
God help us.
Camden's monster butt
claw foot bathtubs
A giftcard so our meal was only $2
Myke was super stoked about it too....
I treated myself to some gel nails and found this post to be rather appropriate
Dancing in the rain at Skrillex
comfy chairs at Penn Square AMC
We saw XMen!
I bought this sweet Shark flat bill
my bed.
I spent a lot of the weekend snuggled up watching movies.
Hair cut
We got new team shirts!

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