Wednesday, May 14, 2014

100 Happy Days PART ONE

Starting 05/01/2014, I began participating in 100 Happy Days. Every day I'm going to take a picture of something I'm happy about and every two weeks, I'm going to share them in a blog with you. Here's the first 14 things I'm happy for! I hope to see some of you take the pledge with me and play along! You can start any day and it only takes, what - 2 seconds to take a picture?

Lunch with my Co Workers
(cheat - this picture was not taken on day 1)
Morning Conversations with my Roomie
With the help of my friends and family, I raised $530 for the MS Walk of Oklahoma!

Roxy's Ice Cream truck!
This picture is of the fire that burned in Guthrie, OK.
I am not happy about this obviously.
The picture was taken from Wilkin's Auto Body Shop.
They are full of amazing people who always help me with my dumb car problems.
Wing Tuesday!
Watching Grackels court before work with Myke
Note: there are no Grackels in this picture cause they're sneaky little bastards!
I had the absolute worst migraine this day

Great seats with Great people at the Redhawks Game!
My Grandma came to my cousin's baby shower!
I was expecting to see her and just hoarded her time the whole afternoon.
Dick, Myke's accordion teacher playing at the Accordion Club Pizza Party
Lemon Meriunge Pie
Note: Gus was trying to be happy about pie too
The gazelles on my shirt!

Getting my cubicle all nice and decorated!
I'm thinking of doing a cubicle tour soon...

I can't wait to see everyone else's pictures as hopefully more people take this pledge!
Until next time,
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