Saturday, May 3, 2014


I go to Pinterest and check out the Beauty tab. And this is what I see: skinny white girls with perfect hair and makeup. No, this is not going to be a hate post about skinny white girls with perfect hair and makeup. I think you're great. I think you probably get too much hate already and you might be sick of people asking you if you have an eating disorder. And I know a lot of you work really hard to achieve that perceived perfection. This post is just to express my love for EVERY kind of beauty. 

Beauty is usually a term that we use to compare and contrast. "Oh, I'm not that fit so I'm not as beautiful as her." "Oh, she's got 'prettier' skin than me." Etc, etc. We are worried about being aesthetically pleasing to the people around us. I believe it's human nature. However, comparing yourself is a waste of time. That's like saying you can't be happy because somebody else might be happier than you! Here's the UNPASSABLE girl test that most of us try to pass every day. You can buy it from one of my favorite illustrators here.

I think it's time we start loving ourselves like we love our friends, our family. You may focus on that damn pimple or your big forehead, but wait - you don't see your friends as individual features! You see them as the girl who ate 32 wings with you without judgement. The man who tells you that you're beautiful when you're crying. The lady who drove 9 hours with you just to meet Pete Wentz and turn right back around.
When I look at the people in my life, I just see them. I see love, adventures, family. Just my friend. Just my mom. Just my boyfriend. I love them for simply existing. Beautiful people with beautiful souls.

Next time you feel yourself starting to get down on your body, try this: be grateful for what you have. Do you have strong legs? Soulful eyes? A great bust? Write it down, say it out loud, recognize what you have. Love what you have.

The fashion and entertainment industries seem to be coming around to the fact that people are different. Crazy right? We don't all look the same and that's okay?! What an idea! So are you strong, naturally skinny, average, fat, light skinned, dark skinned, short, tall, different, undefinable?
You're beautiful.
We're still learning and we're still growing, waiting for the industry to catch up with us. But we're getting there with the help of some great people. This guy is working on a Realistic Barbie doll to help young girls see that strong is beautiful. This article is about "nude" trends in fashion and how the "nude" really only applies to Caucasian skin. It also offers some great products to accommodate real nude colors. This video is about body love and self abuse; how you're worth more than other peoples' opinions. The video enclosed is also about self love. Full Disclosure: both of these videos may me cry. This blog post is by a girl who's naturally skinny and her struggle with the judgement she's received for her body type. I quote that blog to end my post.

"I do not want anyone to criticize, nor defend, my body type. I just want people to realize that the shape of your body does not define you."

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