Friday, May 9, 2014

I'm so done with you.

Leah is my roommate and my best friend. You don't know about Leah? Where have you been? Check out my blog about her HERE and learn all about why I know she's amazing. Being my roommate and best friend, I spend a lot of time with Leah. I have also decided that on a daily basis she says "I'm done" to me more than any one else. Here's some things that have made her done with me lately.

  • I let her know I'm expecting some packages soon. When she asked me what I bought I informed her: bobby pins from Amazon.
  • She's on a 21 day cleanse. That means I get her left over crab rangoon. I heated them up, put them on a paper towel, and found myself eating them in the bathroom in front of the mirror. I have photographic proof.
  • She sent me a snapchat of her "sleeping". I responded "Oh bae caught you sleeping?" She didn't get the meme.
  • I tried to show her two new shirts I had bought from Ross. "You went shopping without me? I hate them." before she had even SEEN them!
  • I won the self given award of "ATE TOO MUCH PASTA" and gave the left overs to one of her dogs. Apparently, you're not supposed to put the pasta ON the dog no matter how hilarious you find it.
  •  I veet-ed.
  • Toilet selfies on SnapChat - even though she sends them back.

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