Thursday, May 22, 2014

The twins graduated. Shit I'm old.

 I've never been a mom, but if my love for these girls in any indication of what kind of mother I'm going to be - Watch out future kids. My love for these kids is disgusting. I think they could walk on water simply because I believe it to be true. They are so fucking weird and smart and gorgeous and everything. They're everything. Did I mention they're hilarious? There's so many things I've wanted to share with them that just weren't appropriate because they were still in high school. I'd want to take them to a movie or loan them a book and then think - Geezus Lauren, they can't read Chelsea Handler - they're 14! I just forget because they're so everything.

Well, this past Saturday they graduated High School. They're officially like adults now. Well, college students but close enough. So, I figured it's about time to properly introduce you guys to them.

Her favorite colors are teal and black. She likes tigers because they're fierce. She enjoys reading and playing the flute. She loves snacking on fruit, but her favorite splurge meal is anything with pasta. When she works out she actually enjoys doing arm dumbbell workouts (like bicep curls and tricep things...)! Right now she's jamming out to Yonce by Beyonce and she really loves to dance.

She has lots of feels about people. The thing she'll miss the least from high school is most people, but the thing she'll miss the most is her friends. She's excited for college to meet new people.... So out with the old and in with the new! Except for Audrey. Of course. They'll be working together this summer as hostesses/waitresses in training. Autumn wants to be a really good waitress, learn to handle herself under pressure, and obviously get lots of tips. She'll be going from working 5 hours at a day care to 20 hours a week, so that'll be a big change as well as no longer being a HS student.

This summer, besides her job, she's excited to go to the lake and hang out with friends. She's really excited to start at UCO this fall and move to Edmond. She's going to study Chemistry or Forensics. She really likes Edmond and is excited about being so close to so many stores, especially Vintage Stock! She's most excited to move out because she gets to decorate her apartment with her sissy! For the new high school seniors, she has some advice: DON'T PROCRASTINATE. Gosh, I love how that advice never gets old and never gets taken. I would say the same thing to anyone younger than me!

Her question for you guys: How do you do it? It seems difficult (to be an adult).

Her favorite color is teal. They're different people I promise, teal is just a great color. Her favorite animal is an alpaca. When I asked her why she sent me a picture of an alpaca. Her hobbies include playing the clarinet and doing yoga. Her favorite songs right now are Drink You Away by Justin Timberlake and Partition by Beyonce. She loves snacking on frozen blueberries with banana and soy milk, but can't resist that pizza splurge sometimes. Oh, and she likes really loves love.

Audrey also clearly has a lot of feels about people. The thing she'll miss the most about high school is being with the friends she's known for years, but she won't miss being around the same people all the time. She's excited to get to UCO so she can meet new people, focus on subjects in school she actually enjoys, and having no rules. So, I guess I'll be programming my number in on speed dial for when she decides to test her new no boundaries. ;)

This summer she's excited to do lake stuff, bike, and float down the Illinois river. She'll also be working as a hostess/waitress in training. She hopes to gain experience speaking with strangers and of course, saving money for college "needs". She'll be studying Psychology or Criminology. Her advice to the high-schoolers she's leaving behind is: HAVE FUN, BE YOURSELF, AND MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR TIME.

Her question for you guys: Was it easy to make friends? Was it difficult to blend in with others when you feel like the only newbie?

Well girls, I'd like to answer your questions from my perspective.

Autumn, sometimes being an adult is very difficult. I have bills that I have to pay or else like I won't have food or a cell phone or a car. They'll take your car if you don't pay them. It's gross. But it's also really great. Kind of just like being 18. But you know... older.

Audrey, first of all unless we're talking makeup or art, you don't need to blend in. Secondly, you will totally make friends. Group projects force you to talk to people and classes in general are way boring without friend-like people. Also remember that everyone feels like they're the only newbie. Really.

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