Sunday, June 29, 2014

100 Days Happy Pt 4

Early Father's Day at Hillbilly Po Boys!

44. I did not take a picture on this day. It was one of the those days that could not be disturbed by phones. Myke and I spent all day watching Orange is the New Black and the Food Network. He made me chicken strips, cookies and pasta with meatballs. This cannot be photographed, only cherished.

 A color changing straw courtesy of Hayley! <3

Spent most of the day doing inventory on the sample closet at work!
This game is called Tapped Out.
Pre-new job, this game was my life.
I still play it once a day, but have run out of people (besides Kristina and my mom) to talk to about it.
Download it and we can chat!
Birthday dinner with these lovelies!
Birthday Lunch with ma familia.
This little cutie sat next to me and we watched the fans spin.
Walked my second 5k.
Shaved 4 minutes off my time
57:50 even in the 90 degree heat!
BTW, I got a medal I was too hot to put in on ><
New Lotion
Sloth Cam from Atlanta Zoo
Met these little pumpkins while Myke had his accordion lesson
Had a day off and spent a lot of it snuggling with this bug
Picked this new tray up...
I might have a problem

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Age Brackets

This weekend I went to Sonic and the lovely car hop told me if I filled out this survey (see the highlighted portion of the receipt) I could get a free Route 44 drink with purchase of a food item. I fill out surveys like a crazy person if it means money off or a free something. So yesterday morning, I log into to fill out my information. I'm chugging away answering questions, then it gets to the generic questions.

Sex: Female
Ethnicity: White
Age: 18-24

Age: 25-34

Twenty five to thirty four.
Twenty five to THIRTY FOUR?

I do not feel 34, but I do feel very 25. I am no longer surprised when people get engaged or pregnant. I am used to not getting drunk because of reasons like "work tomorrow" or "driving home". I have completely lost touch with "teen culture" and do not know half of the people on the cover of J-14. (Do people still read J-14?) I turned down a semi-spontaneous road trip because I needed to save the money for like my future or whatever. The idea of my own children still scares the crap out of me; however, I can  see their cuteness (especially the fat ones).

I feel like 34 is a lifetime away, but I guess that's my new age bracket now. I have to tell you though, I feel like I have more in common with my 18 year old cousins than I do with any 34 year old. I mean, I just googled how to eat a pear and I'll be calling my mom after work to make her help me enroll in my health insurance.

Until Next Time,

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Friday, June 20, 2014

30 Before 30

 So I'm very excited to share this list with you guys. There's simple things in life that I have never done, plan on doing sometime, and would like to give myself a time line for. There are also some things that I would never dream of accomplishing, but would like to and so they're on this list also. There's also some weird shit that I just think would be fun(ny). I plan on posting each time I accomplish one of the things and telling you all about it! So here it is, my 30 Before 30 List.

  1. Visit Best Western Denver Southwest
  2. Lose 50 lbs
  3. Sing karaoke
  4. Take an improv class
  5. Visit another country (even Mexico)
  6. Catch a fish
  7. Stay the night at a haunted place
  8. See a Broadway musical
  9. Go vegetarian for a month
  10. Meet Bill Clinton
  11. Pay off all my credit cards (or at least all under $100)
  12. Finish a 5K in under 45 minutes
  13. Splurge on really greats seats to a huge concert
  14. Raise $1,000 for charity
  15. Participate in a group/couple costume
  16. Move to another state
  17. Interact with a sloth
  18. Bake a pie from scratch
  19. Build up a decent savings fun
  20. Fly first class
  21. Have a drink with Jenna Marbles
  22. Know how to cook five things amazingly
  23. Have 500 blog followers
  24. Go camping in a tent
  25. Be an extra in a movie
  26. Get a massage
  27. Get a caricature done
  28. Ride on a train
  29. Go on a swamp tour
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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Growing, changing, turning 25.

So last night I was sitting at my desk at work at 6 pm eating a banana, sweating from my post work-work out and trying to figure out what the hell was going to be the final thing on my 30 Before 30 List. I had 29 pretty solid ideas, but I couldn't possibly have a 29 before 30 list - that's so not right.

I've been struggling with this 30th task for about a week now. The rest of the list came so quickly and I've been getting frustrated. Then last night while sitting at my desk, I remembered what Myke had told me: Just leave it blank and when you do something really great write it in. I told him that would be my back up plan and kept struggling for that 30th thing. Then it hit me, last night while eating my banana: HE'S RIGHT!

Having a plan is very smart and I love having a list of things to do; however, some of the most exciting and fulfilling moments have been unplanned. So, instead of agonizing over that last slot on my list I decided to not leave it blank but make it LIVE TO THE FULLEST. It sounds vague and kind of like a cop out if you don't know me that well, but one of my biggest flaws is that I worry so much. I want to challenge myself this next year, my 25th, and the rest of my life to take chances and go with the flow.

I have gotten a lot better at this is the past few years and I'm proud of all the progress I've made. I'm working to stop looking back at my mistakes and just let myself live. I am working to stop apologizing for myself all the time and just accept my wants and needs at face value. I am working. And that's worthy enough to be on my list.

Also, I'll be posting my list tomorrow so be on the look out!

Until Next Time,
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