Sunday, June 29, 2014

100 Days Happy Pt 4

Early Father's Day at Hillbilly Po Boys!

44. I did not take a picture on this day. It was one of the those days that could not be disturbed by phones. Myke and I spent all day watching Orange is the New Black and the Food Network. He made me chicken strips, cookies and pasta with meatballs. This cannot be photographed, only cherished.

 A color changing straw courtesy of Hayley! <3

Spent most of the day doing inventory on the sample closet at work!
This game is called Tapped Out.
Pre-new job, this game was my life.
I still play it once a day, but have run out of people (besides Kristina and my mom) to talk to about it.
Download it and we can chat!
Birthday dinner with these lovelies!
Birthday Lunch with ma familia.
This little cutie sat next to me and we watched the fans spin.
Walked my second 5k.
Shaved 4 minutes off my time
57:50 even in the 90 degree heat!
BTW, I got a medal I was too hot to put in on ><
New Lotion
Sloth Cam from Atlanta Zoo
Met these little pumpkins while Myke had his accordion lesson
Had a day off and spent a lot of it snuggling with this bug
Picked this new tray up...
I might have a problem

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