Monday, July 14, 2014

100 Days Happy Pt 5

Decomposition Notebook from Daniel!
The best plums I've ever had from Sams.
Curry date with my mom
Free Roxy's Ice Cream at work
New stress ball!
Hayley and her mom both wrote me sweet notes this week!
Chips and Dip
Another FunDay Sunday with this guy
Tator Tot made this delicious chex mix that I can't get enough of.
The back of my shirt made me happy
The baby girl
Myke and I got in trouble for taking a picture in the theatre.
I know better, but I just really wanted a selfie with my man!
SO we snapped this pic with the front camera real sneaky like.
I went home sick on Friday and this little guy wouldn't leave my side.
Except when I was on my bed cause he knows better.

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