Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Made Up

I recently shared Colbie Caillat's new music video Try on my facebook page.

This video has been getting a lot of attention, both good and bad depending on who you ask. But for me, it caused me to think. I first saw the video on Friday and became obsessed with it over the weekend. I almost spent a lot of time this weekend laying around and being a bum cause I felt yucky. However, even though every one I was supposed to see (roommate and boyfriend) knew how I was feeling, I still fixed my hair a bit and put a face on. I don't have that intense of a beauty routine anyway, but Myke did ask why I was "getting ready" to eat waffles and then come home and sleep.

I decided over the course of the next few days I would take pictures of myself at various times without makeup for personal reflection. I know I'm all Miss Positive and #effyourbodystandards, but the truth is I don't love all these pictures. I have only left the house without ANY make up since I turned 18 a small handful of times.

The top picture is how I "got ready" this weekend. Mascara and eye shadow, no big. I didn't do it for any one but me and that's what makes it okay I think. When I don't plan on leaving the house all day, I'm not going to put mascara on because how then am I to rub my eyes? I'm also not going to put contacts on because it's too much work for sweatpants. Who're we kidding, I'm definitely a part of the no-pants/no-bra/no-problem club.

Colbie told Billboard, "This song is not to say that we should never wear makeup, but to say that, sometimes, it's okay not to." And I think that's the important part. I love getting dressed up even for work and making myself look however I want. I think makeup is fantastic and fashion is amazing. But sometimes I just want to wipe everything away and exist. So here's me - existing.

Also, a coworker told me I was brave for doing it. So there's that I guess.

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  1. Brave? haha! Sounds like when I was told I wear eccentric eyeshadow.