Monday, July 21, 2014


When I was 20, I left college and moved back home. I got a big girl job and started paying my own bills. Eventually I turned 21 and my trusty Honda Civic, Bonnie hit her last leg. In the picture above you will see one of my bestest friends, Abigail hanging out on her. This was right before she did cart wheels in a field on one of our random adventures. It was time to trade her in.We had many adventures together and I was sad to see her go. Then I met Oliver. Ollie is a 2009 Nissan Versa.
Even though I cosigned with my mom, he was MINE.
Ever since then I have paid ever payment, every month of insurance, every tire rotation, oil change, random broken thing. Ollie is a 100% my baby. And a few months early, this week I paid him off! I am waiting on the title, but basically I'M A CAR OWNER! We've been through a lot together so I thought I'd just share a few pictures with y'all.

This is the first time I ever drove my friends around in Oliver.
We went to the Warren for a girl's night.
In taking this picture, I scratched the hood.
 I drove Leah and me to Gentleman of the Road in Oliver.
People wrote in the dirt on him.

In February, we got into a wreck.
It was completely not our fault.
 This was the damage.
Oliver was rendered undriveable and I had to give him up for about a week.

$0.00 balance! Apparently, the bank is supposed to send me my title or some legal mumbo-jumbo my mom tried to tell me about, but I OWN A CAR! AND THAT CAR IS OLIVER! I'm on my way to getting my debt down (see number 11) and I'm so excited!

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