Monday, August 25, 2014

Gwynnie Bee


 "Gwynnie Bee is a monthly subscription service for sizes 10-32. Get unlimited access to a closet the size of a department store with unlimited free shipping" 

Myke told me about this website where you can "rent" clothes. I thought it sounded like a cool idea and when I found out that they offer a free first month subscription I jumped at the chance to give it a shot. I went to the website, built my closet, and clothes began coming in the mail. I thought it would be fun to share with y'all my experience. All in all I got 10 different pieces to try out over my month subscription. I was pretty quick about wearing them (or trying them on) and sending them back. Pictures were taken courtesy of the Afterlight app, Myke D, and my Leahlove.

This first dress is the ASOS Curve Skater Dress with Mono Print Blocking and a size 18.
It photographs well, but was a bit tight in the tummy and back fat area.
This shirt is the Kische Chevron Stripe Chiffon Tunic in Red size 2X.
I felt so 60's in this shirt. It was comfy but a little big.
This is the ABS Mesh Insert Jersey Dress size 2X.
I really loved this dress. I thought it was so cute and a little flirty with the mesh inserts.
The arms were a little tight which is I decided not to keep it.
This is the Lands' End Citrus Print Cardigan size 2X.
I thought this cardi was so fun! I probably needed the size down though because it was so roomy.
This is the BB Dakota Lazarus Dress in size 20.
I had actually been eyeing this dress on ModCloth and was so excited to see it on Gwynnie Bee! It's too dressy for any of my needs and the top of it fit sort of awkward. You can't really see in the pictures but there was some gapage around the arm holes.
This is the Triste Rosewater Fit & Flare Dress size 2X.
This dress was so cute, but it did not feel like "jersey" as described. It was heavy like winter material. Besides the weird feeling fabric though I thought it was cute and fun!
This is the Tart Collections Ilene Dress in Water Chevron size 3X.
This dress was perfect for Myke's accordion club concert. It was comfortable, appropriately modest, but still young and summery!
This is the Kiyonna Abby Twist Top in Teal Chevron Size 3.
I had the safety pin the top of this one to be a bit more modest. This shirt was so comfortable and the little twist underneath the bust line added a great shape.
This is the New Look Scuba Skater Dress in Floral Print size 20.
I really loved this dress. The mesh cutout added a little bit of edginess to the floral and it was comfortable. The cinched waist is so flattering and it was the perfect length.
This is Spruce & Sage's Summer Floral Fit & Flare Dress Size 20.
I bought this one. I love the pattern. I love how I feel in it.
The only thing I don't love is the super long tie that's uneven, but I'm going to work on it.

As far as Gwynnie Bee goes, I absolutely love this service. I had at least 8 things in my "closet" at all times and they were constantly adding new items. They had brands I love and was excited to try. When they couldn't ship my next package out quick enough they even extended my membership a week! The only reason I canceled my subscription is because I really have enough clothes and just couldn't justify $35-80 a month on pretty dresses.

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

100 Happy Days Pt 7

Seeing Spamalot with my favorite lady, Leahlove
Saturday BONUS DAY
Myke and I made fondue!
Myke has been taking all my outfit pictures for a blog I plan to do about Gwynnie Bee!
I get to train again with this lovely!
 I discovered a new skill!
Balloons in balloons!
 Leah and I had another roomie night!
I made chicken stroganoff!
My mom took my cousins and I out to eat.
Then me and the girls went to Target.
We decided this was the best outfit ever because it made us laugh.
Nothing Bundt Cakes at work!
Guardians of the Galaxy!
Myke D made me steak, squash, and spuds!
He also photographed them!
Flower Crown.
These lovely girls live in Edmond now and it's probably the best thing to ever happen to me.
Got the sweetest E-Card from this girl.
Myke D made me a delicious pizza!
Sauteed garlic sauce, six cheese blend, salami, and mushrooms!
Cousins first concert!
New glasses!
My little cousin was born!

This is the end of my 100 days. It's bittersweet. I believe that at the end of all of this, I will continue to find AT LEAST one thing every day that I'm happy for. This has been such a fun journey and I would recommend any one do this. You can start at any time and with the technology we have these days it's not hard to just take one picture a day!

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Friday, August 8, 2014


Mom and I have taken so many vacations together (with and without my dad). Let me see... Branson, Kansas City, South Padre, Dallas, Carmel, Paris, New York City, London and now the big city of Wichita!

Last year was my mom's first year as a professor and with this summer off she's been dying to take a trip. Like it does, the school year crept back up on her and she wanted to take a vacation before going back to the real world. She called me up and we planned it for the next week!

On Friday night we checked into our hotel and then headed to The Monarch. I had a delicious grilled cheese with fries. We drove around in the area around the restaurant and our hotel to get a feel of the area. We were basically right next to all the things we wanted to do and/or eat. We also checked out the Keeper of the Plains statue and walked around a bit by the river thing that ran next to it.

On Saturday we woke up and headed to the zoo. My absolute favorite part of the Segdwick County Zoo is the Australia exhibit. *SPOILER ALERT* It's like a giant enclosure. You walk thru double doors to get into the first part. There are birds flying every where, which is sort of exciting and terrifying at the same time. Somewhere in this post is a picture of my mom being scared of the scariest bird that tried to establish it's territory with us. Listen bird, we're just trying to take pictures with this fluffy WALLABY. Oh yeah, there's wallabies just running wild! They're hopping across your path and being all fat and adorable. It's insane. Look how close I got!

After you walk thru that whole section full of birds and monkeys and kangaroos, you open a heavy door in which ducks try to escape thru and find yourself in a little enclosed area of plants. This is a buffer area. As we enjoyed the beautiful plants in the buffer area we see another little mammal. I lost my mind. Thank goodness it was just me and my mom cause I started baby talking this little deer, a pudu.

"Hi, baby. Are you lost?" He was exploring in front of the gate, probably brought by our commotion. "Would you like to get in my bag and I can take you home?" Yup, I was talking to the deer. We got him to go to the other side of the door so we could sneak out real fast without letting him escape. Then I got all up in his personal space. I wanted to touch him so bad, which people probably do, but decided against it for the good of him. Plus, this adorable little girl came in during my photo op and I didn't want to be a bad example.

The rest of the zoo was amazing too. They have hippos and bears, elephants, giraffes, and THREE Okapis! You can ride a tram or take a boat tour if you get tired of walking. They have four (I think) different cafes and really cheap ice cream, $1.50! I would go back to this zoo and would *also* recommend it to all my friends. The only sad part was that the Jungle exhibit is closed until Memorial Day 2015.

After three and a half hours we had walked the whole zoo. Actually, for the sake of being transparent, we didn't go in the Reptile house. We were starving and ready to leave to eat at TJ's Burger House. I had a jalapeno cheese burgers with grilled onions and it was delicious. Mom had a hickory bacon burger which was also delicious. I love eating out with my mom cause we always share so we get to try more than one thing!

We walked around downtown for a while, checking out a hat store, a little tchotchke shop, and some other cute little stores. In one of the stores I met the sweetest little puppy and basically didn't see anything the shop had cause I was so preoccupied with this dog. Then Mom and I went to the Wichita Art Museum. Little did we know it was annual ice cream social to celebrate all the birthdays ever. There was this scary mascot dog in the entry way that my mom tried to get me to take a picture with, but no way man. The museum had a lot of impressionist stuff which I'm not super into, but over all quality stuff.

 Saturday night we got dressed up and went to Hangar One Steakhouse. Mom and I both got Learjet Filet (the restaurant is airplane themed did I mention?) with a chocolate covered cheesecake for dessert. It was so fun to put on a fancy dress and go out for the night.
Sunday we went to Heroes and I had this delicious sweet pepper bacon sliders with cheese. This was the weekend trip of sandwiches/burgers! Then we headed to the Museum of World Treasures. They had so much good historical information, including a "hall of presidents" where they had examples of each of the president's writing. Bill Clinton had even written a letter to the Museum! Full disclosure, they had dinosaurs. So a lot of the rest of the museum was lost of me.

All in all, I'm basically just saying go to Wichita. Stay by "Old Town" (it's a part of town like Bricktown, my okies). Have a grand ole time. Do it.

First meal at the Monarch.
First time I ever saw little Pudu. 
That's a wallaby. Like two feet from me.
One of my favorite paintings at the museum.
Forcing my mom to take a selfie with me before our fancy dinner.
Hangar One.
Sweet pepper bacon sliders.
Trex-Selfie at the Museum of Wonders.

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