Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fall Fashion Lust

Hey guys!

I've been slowing purchasing some new pieces for my fall wardrobe. Some of the things below I actually own; however, there's still a few items that are out of my reach. I thought it'd be fun to share where my minds at for this fall for fashion! Flannel I think is going to be a big staple as well as lace and boxy shirts. What are you excited to wear now that it's chilling out a little?

Thursday, September 18, 2014

It's been a year...

I have always been an emotional creature. I cry when I see something inspirational, something upsetting. I cry when I'm sad, angry, tired, happy, confused. I don't yell. If I raise my voice it makes me cry. Crying has always been my release. Why do I do this? I DON'T KNOW.

You guys, I used to think I was crazy.

My inner circle knew how emotional I am of course, but when it came to the rest of the world it was my ugly secret. I felt embarrassed that I couldn't keep myself together. I thought I was broken.

Myke has helped me become more open about myself as a human. How did he do this?

By just loving me as I am.

He's not frightened by my tears. He will LITERALLY get in my face and st
are at me until I look at him. That's another defense of mine. If I'm upset I don't like to make eye contact or be touched cause it's easier for me to control my tears. He knows this and will do everything to shake me. It's transformative. It makes me so uncomfortable and stupidly frustrated that I usually end up laughing. He never gets upset at my emotions or tears, only when I try to hide them or shove them down and ignore them.

Because of his fearlessness in the face of my ugly crying face we have mature conversations about what's upsetting us. This helps quell dumb fights because we literally talk about everything. Also, it has helped me be more myself with the world. The girls at work knew UP FRONT how fragile I am and have refrained from sending me heart wrenching stories without a warning. This thing that I used to hide, stress about is know just a fact.

I am emotional.
My name is Lauren.
I'm 25.
I've been dating Myke for a year. Oh yeah, fact.

So, you basically just read a huge love letter to my boyfriend. Here's a not so thinly veiled one.

Thank you for being hands down an A+ human and a rockstar on the accordion. I've never met any one like you in my whole life and I'm grateful that you're okay with me never wanting to let you go. You consistently inspire me, motivate me, and support me.
So gushy.

Until Next Time,
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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Great State Fair of Oklahoma!

The State Fair comes around once a year and my favorite part about it is that it never changes. The people watching is always amazing. The booths are always in the same place. You can always see Disney on Ice. There will always be one Miley Cyrus during her Hannah Montana years wannabe on the Bandshell Lawn. There will always be the mac and cheese ferris wheel. There will always be the smell of funnel cakes and corndogs.

This year marks the third year Leah and I have gone to the State Fair on opening day. It's become one of my favorite things. It's still going on until September 21, so I thought I'd share with you some of my favorite things. Also, hey there people who don't live in Oklahoma.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

I'm on fire!

My aura is something I've always been very curious about. Recently it has come up in different aspects of my life and I decided to do something about it. Through my googling I discovered that the OKC Spirit Fair was coming up (it was Sept 6 & 7) and took it as a sign. One of the vendors that was going to be there was Aura Photo. I wrangled Leah, my best friend and roommate, into going with me.
The morning of, we both took the Aura Color Quiz on Dr Oz's website. I got Blue with my second color being a tie for Yellow and Violet. We watched the interview accompanying the Quiz and learned that Blue Auras are the big loves on the planet - caretakers. They're very emotional and their lives are all about relationships.

When we got to the La Quinta where the Spirit Fair was held, I made a bee-line for the Aura Photo Booth. There's this sweet old lady who ropes you in. There's a big metal box for your left hand with receptors that read your aura. She lets you know that it's not accurate really with just one hand. So then you pay $25 and sit down and there's two big boxes with metal receptors for your fingers. You place both your hands on the boxes and then she covered me with a black sheet. Then she shown bright lights at my face and took my picture, told me not to move. So that's why my face looks janky and unprepared. Anyway, so then I sat in a line so the actual aura reader could read my picture to me.

The woman came by again with some printed results. She said she had never seen three orange results. See, most people I saw at the fair had different colors - one of the right, the top, and the left. I was just a giant ball of orange. So then it was my turn with the guy. He didn't seem surprised that my aura was just bright autumnal colors. He explained that I am and others see me as loving, passionate, creative, and intelligent. While I don't necessarily disagree with the things he was saying, I was also a little underwhelmed. I can look at the picture and then go to the internet and tell myself all the things he said.

So basically, it was fun and I plan on going to the next Spirit Fair (maybe for Tarot this time), but I'm still on the hunt for someone like Pam Oslie.

Until Next Time,
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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Labor Day

 Friday night kicked off my Labor Day weekend right. I went out with some of my lovely coworkers for drinks at Louie's. This light weight went hard with a frozen lemonade and a club special. Then a few of us went to Henry Hudson's for round 2. We were celebrating a friend's last day and while I'm sad to see her go I know that greater things lie ahead for her.

One of my friends kindly drove me to Myke's house where I almost got attacked by a possum. For those of you who don't know me, I can get a little dramatic when I'm drunkish. I let myself into Myke's house a little after 11. His phone is broken and unbeknownst to me, had no warning I was coming. So that was fun, scaring the shit out of my boyfriend.

Saturday Myke and I met my parents at the Steak and Catfish barn. You guys can't even imagine how much my dad loves this place. It used to be off Waterloo and I-35, but the owners moved back to Italy. The staff loved this place so much they begged to reopen and spent months learning the secret recipe from the Italians. They opened up again, read about it here, and my dad is all about it. He has a whole system with tarter and hot sauce. He is not on the board of most catfish ate, but he has no aspirations to be so he's actually still winning.

There was a lot of sleeping this weekend in between all the fun times and Saturday afternoon was no exception. After my nap I got all dolled up and went to dinner with two of my most favorite people in the whole world - Leah and Abigail. We ate at Cheddars, which is never not a good idea. Then headed to the Grand Casino in Shawnee for the New Country Showcase put on by 101.9 The Twister! It's a few event the last Saturday of each month where they feature some of the best up and coming artists in country music. They month it was Jana Kramer who I've loved ever since One Tree Hill and who I will continue to love after seeing her concert. There was only about 50 of us and it was one of the most personal and intimate concerts I've ever been to. She joked with us, took selfies, was funny, gracious, and fun. I can't wait til her records drops in January. She played three of her new songs for us and boy are you not ready.

Sunday I was the laziest, just laying in bed until 11 and watching Revenge. When I finally got up and ready, I headed to Myke's. We ate my leftovers from Cheddars (they give you so many Buffalo Chicken wraps!) and started Hemlock Grove. I don't remember who told me to watch that but if it was you - REALLY? Does it get better? We're like three episodes in and I don't get it. Which character do you care about? Why?

Excuse me, sorry about that.

Sunday night we headed to Choctaw to Oktoberfest. If you're in Oklahoma, it's still going on until Sept 6 so head out! It was such a nice time. We got picked up in a golf cart which was such a fun surprise. Then we headed in to the fun. We had some beer, ate some brats and strudel, listened to polka music, and had a great time! Then we got escorted back to our car in a golf cart, another happy happenstance.

Monday morning was once again Bumsville USA - sleeping and/or watching Revenge until 11. Then Myke and I headed to Remington Park to bet on some ponies! I tried to explain to Myke everything my dad's taught me, but I still sadly know little about the betting. I only picked one horse to win and let's just say he didn't do well. Myke was a bit more ambitious but sadly he didn't fair to well either. We headed to Bricktown Brewery for lunch where they have my favorite Sweet Pepper Bacon. I ordered way too much food for us - cheese curds and chicken strip salad. Then we headed to the casino with our $5 and bright eyes. I lost and then won back my $5. Myke got down to $4 and then immediately won $30 in one spin. Instead of giving up, he kept going! With that next spin he went up to $48! He cashed out and I, feeling confident, promptly lost my $5 again.

I had such an amazing Labor Day weekend full of stories, laughter, and TV.

Until Next Time,
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