Tuesday, September 9, 2014

I'm on fire!

My aura is something I've always been very curious about. Recently it has come up in different aspects of my life and I decided to do something about it. Through my googling I discovered that the OKC Spirit Fair was coming up (it was Sept 6 & 7) and took it as a sign. One of the vendors that was going to be there was Aura Photo. I wrangled Leah, my best friend and roommate, into going with me.
The morning of, we both took the Aura Color Quiz on Dr Oz's website. I got Blue with my second color being a tie for Yellow and Violet. We watched the interview accompanying the Quiz and learned that Blue Auras are the big loves on the planet - caretakers. They're very emotional and their lives are all about relationships.

When we got to the La Quinta where the Spirit Fair was held, I made a bee-line for the Aura Photo Booth. There's this sweet old lady who ropes you in. There's a big metal box for your left hand with receptors that read your aura. She lets you know that it's not accurate really with just one hand. So then you pay $25 and sit down and there's two big boxes with metal receptors for your fingers. You place both your hands on the boxes and then she covered me with a black sheet. Then she shown bright lights at my face and took my picture, told me not to move. So that's why my face looks janky and unprepared. Anyway, so then I sat in a line so the actual aura reader could read my picture to me.

The woman came by again with some printed results. She said she had never seen three orange results. See, most people I saw at the fair had different colors - one of the right, the top, and the left. I was just a giant ball of orange. So then it was my turn with the guy. He didn't seem surprised that my aura was just bright autumnal colors. He explained that I am and others see me as loving, passionate, creative, and intelligent. While I don't necessarily disagree with the things he was saying, I was also a little underwhelmed. I can look at the picture and then go to the internet and tell myself all the things he said.

So basically, it was fun and I plan on going to the next Spirit Fair (maybe for Tarot this time), but I'm still on the hunt for someone like Pam Oslie.

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