Monday, October 27, 2014

Last Minute Ideas

Hey guys! So my plan was to make a video containing last minute Halloween costume ideas; however, I did not give myself enough time to make said video and in fact just failed royally. I still wanted to give you my ideas though, pulling from my own costumes from Halloweens past.

  • 1. Deviled Egg
    • My mom made this hilarious costumes for Heather and I. It's as simple as sewing white circles together with yellow circles in the middle and buying devil accessories.

  •  2. 50's Zombie
    • This was for a themed party. I could've gone a little more gorey, but I was trying to just look dead without the disgusting aspect. I bought a 50's style dress and did the roll in my hair with pale makeup.
  • 3. Scene Kid
    • This actually wasn't a costume, but my real life. HOWEVER, I think this would be a really easy costume to make with things you probably already have. Add some hair chalk or that spray in color and you're good to go!
  •  4. Gnome
    • I am not dressed up in this picture, but what a simple costume! A tunic with a brown belt, jeans tucked into your boots, and a pointy hat!

  •  Ke$ha
    • This costume was a personal triumph for me. I just got to look messy and turnt the whole night while still being cute in my costume. It was the year Tik Tok came out and everyone got the pop culture reference. This year, it might do you well to pull my celebrity culture as well - possibly T Swift or Bey!

A couple more simple ideas you can probably make from your closet I thought of:
  • Hippie
    • Floral crown, loose clothing, and a peace sign!
  • 90's Kid
    • Just mix all the patterns, really thrust it up to 11. Think Fresh Prince!
    • Or go the grunge route, think Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain. Dark lips, flannel, faded ripped denim.
  • Holly Golightely
    • LBD, big sunglasses, pearls, and that signature do.
  •  Black Swan
    • If you happen to have a black tutu dress like me, ballerina bun, and that makeup!
  • Regina George
    •  White tank top with circles cut out, purple bra, and pink cardi. Resting bitch face.
  • Deer
    • This could take some make up skills. Wear all brown clothes, google deer makeup tutorial. If you have make up,  you would probably only need to buy white and brown face paint.

My costume for this year is a little more involved and it's coming together sort of last minute, but it is being worked very hard on. I'm excited to show you guys on Friday what it is :D

What's your favorite costume from your past? 

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