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T Swift, take all my moneys.

Yes, this oh so basic every fan talks like this generic, but loving blog post is happening. You know why? Because I really really love her. But I'm not crazy or anything.

This blog is full of links because if you aren't already crushing on her then you have a lot of catching up to do. This blog is already taking my writing to new lengths so you'll have to do some of the reference research on your own with the links I have so graciously provided for you.

Taylor Swift is quickly becoming the celebrity queen of the internet and probably the world. I don't know who really does it better than her on any social media app. She's all over Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and she's even on the cover of Time!  She also recently taught me how to properly explain when I can't even or ask #whereismychill? She got on Tumblr to initially promote her new album, but it was ultimately a genius move on her part. She's quoted as saying "I cyber-stalk because I care." She seems to genuinely love her fans. Do you remember that time she surprised a fan at their bridal shower? Cause she did. Here's the video to prove it: HERE. She searched to see what people were saying about her online and then responded in kind. She wore a "No it's Becky" shirt and the whole internet broke. She's totally in on all the jokes. If they're in good humor, she loves it. "I thought the goat video for 'I Knew You Were Trouble' was brilliant -- I showed it to everyone on my tour." Tuesday, Oct 28 her new album 1989 came out. She created the hashtag #Taylurking for her album release which encouraged her fans to take a picture with her album when the bought it. And boy, did they take pictures. And she even reposted some! When 1989 sold 1.287 albums in a week she rapped to Kendrick Lamara to celebrate. Then Kendrick was asked about it and starting singing Shake It Off! No one doesn't like Taylor.

The thing about Taylor is you don't want to be her. I've never met anyone who wants to be Taylor Swift. However, everyone wants to be friends with her. And honestly, who has she ever met that she's not friends with? Lorde was throwing shade like nobody's business, or that's how everyone tried to play it. Taylor acted basically like that comment didn't happen and now they're totally sister-friends. Taylor's other BFFs according to social media include Lena Dunham, Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Szohr, Dianna Agron, Selena Gomez, and well look at this fourth of July family picture!

Hey Taylor, I would love to bake cookies with you! You can wear your cat onesie, I'll wear my cat shirt, I'll even do the dishes! I'm not a big drinker and I love staying in on Friday nights; Where's the application card? How do I get in?

Now, onto her music. Unfortunately, not all of my friends are hardcore Swifties like me. I've only see Taylor in concert one time; however that one time was magical. I can tell you from personal experience, she can really sing, play guitar and piano, and she is just as majestic in person. She looked like a princess for basically the entire concert. She came out into the audience with a TREE and on a floating balcony. Rachael and I tried to make the T Swift heart, but awesomeley failed. Leah, her niece, and I are going to see her in Dallas October 2015! I pretty much lost my mind when I got the tickets. Ask my coworkers, I was running around the office. People has a pretty solid playlist of music you should check out. But since you asked, I'll give you my favorites from her other albums as well..

 Taylor Swift (2006)
  • Picture to Burn
  • Tied Together With a Smile
  • Our Song
Fearless (2008)
  • Hey Stephen
  • You're Not Sorry
  • Forever & Always
  • Jump Then Fall 
 Speak Now (2010)
  • Speak Now
  • Dear John
  • Better Than Revenge
  • Haunted
  • Ours
Red (2012)
  • Treacherous
  • All Too Well
  • 22
  • The Last Time
  • The Lucky One
  • Everything Has Changed
  • Starlight
 Non Album Songs
  • Crazier - Hannah Montana the Movie
  • Safe & Sound - The Hunger Games Soundtrack
  • Eyes Open - The Hunger Games Soundtrack
  • Highway Don't Care - Two Lanes of Freedom
  • Both Of Us - Strange Clouds
  •  Two Is Better Than One - Love Drunk
Honorable Mention - Best Days of Your Life - sung solely by Kellie Pickler, but half penned by Tay.

Man I wish I could've limited myself to 13 favorites, but let's be honest: if you love Taylor you have more than 13 favorite songs! If you're not so much into country music, her last few albums were pretty much pop in my opinion; however 1989 is her first official Pop Only album.

Let's discuss 1989. I won't do a track by track breakdown, I'm already gushing enough here, but I do want to mention my favorites. If you don't already love Shake It Off, I don't even know you. Let's keep moving. The album starts out strong with Welcome to New York. It sets the tone for her whole album - fun, carefree, not giving a fuck. Blank Space is genius, calling attention to all the horrible dating rumors that get spread in the media. "Got a long list of ex-lovers, they'll tell you I'm insane...." Just let Tay get her freak on, y'all. I'm obsessed with Bad Blood which I recently found out is Ed Sheeran's favorite song! Swoon. I Know Places is like definitely one of my jams. I can't listen to it without a little bit of a shoulder sway. I bought my 1989 copy at Target and obvi got the Deluxe. I'm obsessed with 2 of the 3 bonus tracks which honestly doesn't ever really happen. All of her songs are great, but they're bonus tracks for a reason you know? However, Wonderland is great. I love my Alice in Wonderland references. Could Taylor dress up as Alice for Halloween next year? Or at least in the video!? Or is that too obvious and basic...? So then the last track: Hopeless Romantics. This is one of my favorites on the whole of the album and I almost missed it just repeating Blank Space over and over. I just did a YouTube search and am saddened that's no one covered this song yet! It's so fun and perfect.

If you have listened to any of these songs and found yourself slowly loving Taylor, don't be alarmed there's help for you: Swiftamine. OR you could loud and proud, like me, love this girl.

How do I love this girl? Well by blasting her music, hosting a dance party with my besties and the cat I don't own while some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies bake in the oven! So, do that. I'm going to go listen to Blank Space for the 100th time today and day dream about living in NYC with Taylor and Lena. Also, my best friend Daniel. And Big Gay Ice Cream and Central Park and Broadway and and and....

Until Next Time,
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