Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Poor Unfortunate Souls

Whenever we have new people at work we go around the group and introduce ourselves with a little fun nugget about ourselves. My fun fact at work the last time we did this was "Hi, I'm Lauren. I like Disney and Ursula's my favorite character." Boring, move on, next. Well apparently not. Shit blew up.

"Who's Ursula?"
"The villain from Little Mermaid."
Raised eyebrows.
"Oh, she's fabulous!" Coming to my girl's defense.
More raised eyebrows.

So, apparently this is a topic worthy of discussion. Let's discuss.

The design of Ursula was ultimately based on the drag queen Divine. I'm so glad they went with that version of Ursula. This earlier sketch is pretty fabulous I will admit; however, I think she looks very fishy. One third fish, one third octopus, one third human. The Divine inspired Ursula that ended up being in the movie is perfection to me. Even though she's half octopus, she only has six tentacles. That's so she could be animated more clearly; helpful fact if you're ever going to go lavender for Halloween. Her hair is very Meryl in Devil Wears Prada. She's got that red lip classic thing that I like, Marilyn mole, fabulous accessories, and just rocking that LBD. She's basically the first plus sized model I ever saw. If she had an Insta, I would check it every day to see that #ootd. I mean, never underestimate the importance of body language when it comes to picking your favorite Disney character.

Someone else I would follow on IG: Vanessa. When Ariel gets "too close" to making Eric fall in love with her, Ursula transforms into Vanessa. She's pretty gorgeous, but like mean girl pretty. Like she looks like a huge bitch, but guys are into that sometimes. This transformation taught me that people will make you sign contracts and promise you a thing and then do everything then can to make you fail. Great life lesson, Disney. Nothing is fair, but if you're good, you'll always win. Is that karma? I think so.

Ursula's also great because she makes no apologies for being evil or for her size. She is just her and she loves that. And I love her for that. Sometimes I channel Ursula in my every day life. These GIFs explain these times perfectly.

When people can't decide what to order.
How I feel when I give my friends piggy back rides - drunk with power.
Dancing to Betty Who when I'm alone.
When someone orders a "Medium" at Starbucks.
When I don't get to eat lunch right at 12 during the work week.
When I drop anything I care about, but especially peanut butter M&Ms.
All day every day. My life is a joke and I'm in on it.

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  1. Yes! I agree 100%! I love Ursula. Have you ever seen the Disney villain makeup line they made a while back? I want to say there's a pretty sweet Ursula makeup kit, but I cannot confirm this for sure. If there is, you should totally buy it because it's obvious you can rock it.

    1. Are you talking about the ones at Walgreens? Like the ELF ones? Cause I got the Evil Queen quad that time. And the Ursula make up bag!