Wednesday, January 28, 2015


 This past weekend with the help of Myke and the element of surprise I took my first Improv class.

I drove us to the Community Center without knowing why we were there, just that we were doing something for the next two hours. We walked in and the woman at the front desk asked "Volleyball or Improv?" My stomach dropped. Now, this is something that's on my 30 Before 30 list, but that doesn't mean I'm not scared of it. Scared of looking stupid, scared of being laughed at, scared of doing it wrong.

We walk into the room she points us to and there's a tall, friendly man - David. Myke informs him that I don't know why I'm here except for the word "improv", but of course I've figured it out at this point. More people begin to walk in and I stare at each of them.

Children, could be nice.
Single ladies, we all want each other to succeed.
Single men, already smiling and friendly.
People that know Myke - they'll be nice to me right? Just by proxy of knowing him?

I decide this seems like a pretty safe space. I don't want to laugh at these people, I don't want them to fail so I assume they feel the same about me.

David starts talking and announces, officially, where I am - Improv for Beginners Work Shop.

I am not completely in the dark when it comes to improv and a lot of the games we played were not a surprise to me. What was a surprise is how well I did. I mean that in the way of reacting to others and focusing on the group as a whole to give and receive my cues. A lot of the things we did I believe could also be used for team building.

I died three times in those two hours - once by gun, once by slipping and drowning, and once by tire to the face! I also received a lot of great gifts - a Ninja Turtles head band, a hairless puppy, and a book about knots. I went to a disco, a water park, a demolition derby, a dance party, and a kitchen!

I had so much fun and am soooo glad that Myke surprised me with this. I put it on my list because I was scared of it and not knowing what I was getting into took all the anxiety of it for me. I had a headache when we left from laughing so much.

Have you guys ever taken an improv class or been in improv? What do you think about it?

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