Friday, March 6, 2015

Pizza Sisters 4 Lyfe

Earlier this week I participated in a body positivity prompt on Instagram. My picture and my words got a lot of feedback so I thought I'd share an expanded version with you guys here as well!

Body positivity to me is loving yourself in the exact state that you are. I believe that we are all works in progress; however, at no point in our lives are we ever at a wrong state. I believe women who love themselves are the most beautiful. I believe that body positivity means that no matter what size, weight, fitness level, height, skin tone, gender, or sexual orientation - we are all beautiful. Comparison is impossible for none of us could ever be truly the same.

This concept can be challenging for me at times. I don't wake up every day and I love my belly or my forehead or my back handles. Some days I wake up and I have to make the choice to love me. I have to choose to see the good in me. I am a beautiful, fat, sex goddess - is what I tell myself. I'm working hard to feel good; however, I don't believe that losing weight will make me feel better. I don't believe that
changing anything but your attitude can make you love yourself. However, I do believe that you can lose weight and still be body positive.

I'm not trying to lose weight because I hate my body, I'm trying to lose weight because I love my body. It's gotten me so far in life and I'm not very nice to it. My back hurts a lot now because I'm carrying around so much of me. My tummy's upset a lot of the time because I'm just feeding it chemicals. I'm working on my relationship with food. I will never stop eating pizza or drinking vanilla root beers, but I'm working towards living with a purpose. Eating out of hunger and not boredom or sadness. Allowing myself whatever treats I want while not seeing them as "cheats." Doing enough throughout the day to actually feel tired at bed time and not having to rely on ZzzQuill.

After all "if you don't love yourself how the hell you gonna love anyone else?" RuPaul

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