Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Zoo Trip

I recently took Myke to the Oklahoma City zoo for the first time. After that, he started inquiring about a zoo pass! We went again this past weekend and took the plunge! It's not a bad deal, right now it's $5 off! So we paid $45 for me and him unlimited trips throughout the year. ALSO, if we go separately we can take one adult with us for free! We also walked 5 miles on this day! If you've ever seen any of my travel photos, you know I'm a zoo junkie.
I just love animals so much!
There was three Wild Dog pups that were born 5 months a go. We saw the keepers putting all these toys out and then releasing them. They pulled all the blankets down and then one (above) settled on a toy that two dogs I know have! It's a pig toy from Walmart that sounds like a pig when you squeeze it! Apparently, they were given milk by a golden retriever but they plan to integrate them with their pack at the zoo in a few days. If they do it, they'll be the first zoo in the country to do so!
 This is an alligator snapping turtle. They're probably one of my favorite things to stare at because they look like dinosaurs to me. They are old and crusty looking and that fascinates me.
 This bear was woken up by another bear. Perky bear then left him to go eat a green bell pepper. Bear #2 who was awoken, promptly walked over, snatched the pepper and took it back to where he was laying previously. There was definite shade being thrown in that bear society. There was a whole 'nother pepper that no one even touched!
 They have giraffe feedings twice a day at our zoo. About three minutes prior to the 11 'o clock feeding, this giraffe was helping himself to some flowers/weeds that had grown between the rocks. I also just found out that one of the giraffes is named Ursula! One of my favorite animals named after one of my favorite characters!? Excuse me while I freak out! I don't know how I went the last 15 years without ever knowing that! *Face Palm*
Then we went to the Lorikeet Exploration. This is the quintessential picture from that area. I found out that Myke used to have birds and is very comfortable with them.
Now, he's a representation of how comfortable I feel with birds...
 Myke's taking pictures and I'm all like "Get it off my head!" "What if it poops?" "HELP!"
 He did help and then was groomed a little himself...

Then we rode the carousel because - why the heck not!? Myke rode a panda bear and I chose a manatee. You can see one behind me in the picture but when the ride started it was too high for me to climb on so I moved a little bit farther away to a safer guy.

What's YOUR favorite zoo animal?
I didn't take pictures of a lot of mine, but I love the red panda, bears, owls, and snow leopards!

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