Friday, April 10, 2015

I love everyBODY.

This post is about self love no matter what your size and also pictures of me in my underoos.

This week Lane Bryant unveiled it's #ImNoAngel campaign. I was so excited to see Ashley Graham (one of my favorite models) along with five other gorgeous women, being plastered around Facebook and Instagram. I loved the message that Ashley posted on her IG: "Beauty is Beyond Size".

The #ImNoAngel hashtag is a not so subtle reference to the Victoria Secret Angel line. Victoria Secret was criticized last year for their "Perfect Body" campaign. I don't like the either/or mentality that the media is giving this campaign. I look at both the sets of models and see only gorgeous women. I don't think it's good for us to pit fat against thin. I want to love and appreciate every BODY for what it is uniquely.

I love that these Lane Bryant models are getting face time and the idea behind these advertisements is beautiful - "Our '#ImNoAngel' campaign is designed to empower ALL women to love every part of herself," Chief Executive Officer Linda Heasley said in a statement. "Lane Bryant firmly believes that she is sexy and we want to encourage her to confidently show it, in her own way."

There's still some problems in my opinion though.
Here are two ads, one for VS and one for LB.

The Victoria Secrets models are all relatively the same height and they all look pretty fit.The Lane Bryant models are all relatively the same height and have generally a flat but soft body.

I definitely look more like the Lane Bryant girls, but honestly I don't see any BODY that looks like mine here. There's still ideals being shown. There's still a general height and proportion that each model has. They have curves, they have lumps, they have rolls, but they're still models. What would be more helpful to me as a consumer would be seeing a girl with my actual body type in lingerie. That would get me more excited. A lot of the stuff I buy these days comes from inspiration from real women on Instagram. I have nothing but love for these models - They are gorgeous and they are making that money, working hard.

Anything that gets the self love message to the world is okay by my book, but I think we could be doing more. It's like we're slowly showing our "fat girl" to the public, easing them in by showing them the pretty fat girls first. There's just not an honest representation of woman out there in the public eye. That goes for the average woman that shops at Victoria's Secret AND Lane Bryant. Both companies are only representing a small portion of the body types that exist.

Of course, one of my real life role models Amanda Kate beat me to writing about it because she's a writing goddess who's on top of her shit. She started the #imnoangel #imnomodeleither campaign that I hope to see sweeping Instagram soon. You could read all about it HERE. In solidarity with the gorgeous women who have been participating, I too took some pictures in my Lane Byrant underwear. Well, Myke took them.

And before you get too scandalized, here's a quote from Amanda that sums up all the feels.

"For me, it's hard to see how taking photos in skivvies can truly push something forward. But then when I got to your point about women teaching their daughters to love their bodies, I realized that underwear pics on Instagram (or in clothes, for that matter) can be a tool for women to teach and learn. I don't really expect media to change, at least not quickly. But in the mean time, we can see these types of images, create our own positive examples, and hope that others can take something good away from it? This is my thinking."

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  1. You're completely an inspiration to me. I'm a plus size girl. I wish I had your bravery to post myself in undies and a bra!

    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad it made a difference to you <3