Monday, June 15, 2015

A Monday in the Life....

Here's my day in one hour check ins.
Not pictured - a lot of talking on the phone.

6:30 am wake up call
7 am Starbucks run
8 am Blog Update
9 am Starbucks Update

10 AM just living that call center life

11 AM one of many bathroom breaks
12 PM It's lunch time! Leftover prosciutto and arugula four cheese pizza!
1 PM and they brought us free Auntie Anne's pretzels!

2 PM Development Meeting notes - always trying to improve my skills!
3PM Someone made cupcakes.
4PM So close, but this hour is always the longest!
5PM and I'm free... to run errands
6PM I made it to my PO Box - there was a lovely postcard waiting for me!
7PM and my wifey is here with my fur nephew
8PM and Myke D is very invested in Mine Craft
9PM and I finally understand why everyone loves Zoolander
10 PM and I was asleep - no pics please.

Until Next Time,
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