Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Cubie Tour UPDATED

On the right side of my blog you can see my top 5 most read blogs. My "Cubie Tour" has been in the top five since I wrote it in June 2014. I figured it was high time to update you on my cubicle since I've updated some stuff in the last year. There's a mix of personal stuff and the obvious work stuff I have to have. Let me show you around!

Here's some wide shots of my home away from home.

Now to get into the detail work!

This is my favorite little space on my desk.
I really love Ursula in case you didn't know! If you didn't know, you must be new here - WELCOME! Here's a WCW I wrote about this goddess HERE. 
I have to have smiling faces looking at me all day. These people are everything to me.
 Photo booth shot from the YWCA 5K, dumbo Tsum Tsum, and little Carl! I also have a mirror so I can check my teeth/lipstick quick!
Carved bears from New Mexico, flatted pennies, a shirt made out of a dollar that my boss made me, and little Cornelius! This is the outer corner of my desk so I don't put a lot there because I often have to clear this space!
This coozie is the only thing that made it over from my last job. My fellow trainer at the time made it for me and I've used it since day one of this new-ish job (over a year now!).
Rachael and her little baby boy basically have a shrine building at my desk.
 I got this calendar from Urban Outfitters and it is everything to me. I love having a huge calendar with fun holidays on it. It's easy to keep track of all my work related activities here!
And to finish, my collage of women I look up to!

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