Sunday, June 28, 2015

June Instagram Roundup

We're coming to a close for this month and I wanted to share you with you my favorite Instagram moments from June. It's been a really great month with my birthday and lots of adventures. I have a lot more gems on my feed, but I decided to limit myself to my top 10. People love top 10 lists.

1. My birthday outfit + spinning.
2. I felt like such a hippie this day, this picture. I'm loving the dual frames lately.
3. I love this shadow play with little Cam and the seal I caught in the picture is my favorite! Plus this gorgeous blue is striking!
4. Some collaging I did back in the day. I want to get more into this!
5. Playing with makeup! I tried some purple mascara on my eye brows and black eyeliner on my lips! I felt like a completely different person in this makeup!

6. A blast from the past with this journal entry. I've been working on self love for a while now. This entry was from my 17th year of life. I was very descriptive about the individual things I liked and didn't like. I try to see myself as the whole picture now.

7. I love this earrings that I got for my birthday, but I was really happy with this picture as well. All the colors go so nicely together and I loved how the framing worked.
8. You guys. My boyfriend is a complete stud. Not only is he smart, funny, an amazing cook, but ouch! He is hot as well!
9. This is absolutely amazing.

10. The power of makeup. The key is loving yourself no matter what!

Until Next Time,
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