Friday, June 19, 2015

Just Me

Tomorrow I turn 26. I have a lot of incredible people in my life and surrounding me that I've been thinking about a lot lately. And then I typed this. So, thanks everybody for helping to shape me into who I am today!

I am but One
One woman with the force of a thousand people behind her
The mother who taught me to love myself unconditionally
Who taught me to be soft and sharp and lovely
The father who taught me about music and poetry
Who taught me to take chances and follow my heart
The grandmother who taught me how much family means
Who showed me how to serve others without sacrificing myself
The best friend who blazed the trail for me
Who lead by example in marriage, motherhood, loss
The best friend who stood by me when I didn't believe in myself
Who encouraged me to get what I deserve, which was better than I was taking
The best friend who also happens to be my lover
Whose touch can calm me in an instant
The best friend that I can share anything with
Who inspires by living and encourages by accomplishing
The best friend who accomplished all her dreams
Then came up with more mountains to climb, always challenging herself
The best friend who learned to love herself by herself
Who's selfless and giving no matter what rocks life throws at her
The best friend who follows his heart no matter what
Whose voice is as close to heaven as I've ever been
The ex who encouraged me to be honest and comfortable with myself
Who I never really felt those things with, but planted the concept in my head
The friend who puts others first with her servants heart
Who taught me how to watch out for myself and care for others
The friend who is tough and guarded, witty but kind
Who taught me how to protect myself around those out to hurt me
The teacher who was encouraging and helpful
Who treated us like family for four years
The classmate who told me about another life as an FBI agent
Who helped me be curious and interested without judging
The boy I met in college that told me he loved me
Who taught me not to trust the words of the influenced
The cashier I met the other day who was kind for no reason
Who went out of her way to compliment my style
The strangers at the park who smiled while we fed the ducks
Who laughed with us at their cuteness
The ex who I dated in secret, who feel in love with me and my best friend
Who taught me that drama does not equal romance
The crowd at every concert who feel like home
Their voices mixing with mine as we move as one entity
One woman with a thousand people behind her
I am but One

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