Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Makeup Must Haves

When I wake up late or I just don't want to spend a lot of time on my face, I have a routine I can do in five minutes or less! Even if I put a little more time in to do my face makeup or try some fun colors, these are pretty much my standard four makeup items.

Here's what my face look like with just the four must haves.

  1. Benefit Eye Brow Pencil in Light
    1. You can buy this online HERE for $22. I usually purchase mine at Ulta. This is worth the money to me because I've tried a lot of different brow pencils and couldn't find the right color match until this one. My mom actually bought it for me the first time and for the last two years I've put it on both Christmas and birthday wish lists. I can get away with having to buy one a year by myself! #cheapskate
  2. The Blackbuster by Infallible liquid eyeliner by L'Oreal
    1. L'Oreal is a "drugstore" brand so you can literally buy it just about anywhere. It runs about $9. I love this because it's like a sharpie, easy to control, and simple.
  3. Mascara
    1. Roller Lash Benefit Mascara
      1.  You can buy this online HERE for $24. I have a sample size of this that I've been using this month and I've fallen in love with it. My old stand by from Benefit for the last couple of years has been They're Real! I still love this as well, but it's nice to switch it up sometimes!
    1. Voluminous Miss Manga by L'Oreal
      1. Again, this is a "drugstore" brand and easy to find in the US. It runs about $8. I've found that it makes my eyelashes voluminous with some length and it's not clumpy, which is the most important to me.
  4. Chapstick - any old kind, but my favorite is:
    1. EOS Sweet Mint - I always thought these little balls were weird, but when I saw the Sweet Mint flavor, I had to try it. Sweet mint is my favorite gum if you didn't know. Available at most places, another "drugstore" brand for about $3-4.

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