Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Put Away the Baby Powder!

Whenever I can stop wearing pants I am all about that life. I am in maxi dresses until the last moment in fall, almost winter. Not every day, but it's definitely a nice break to the jeans and slacks. What I don't love about dresses or skirts is my thighs rubbing together. I know y'all know this isn't just a fat girl thing! And I am not about that baby powder life.

When I was in highschool, my mom bought me some of these like underwear shorts. They changed my entire life. I used to loathe wearing dresses and this gave me real comfort! I basically have had the same two pair, handwashed with love so often I can't believe they're still holding together, for like 10 years now. That's some solid manufacturing.

In the last year or so, they've developed (or I've finally admitted they exist) runs and holes. I have been on the hunt for some replacements. I kept finding shorts that wanted to "shape" me, which translates to "cut off circulation". Plus when they're marketing my "shape" they don't really seem to be long enough to solve my actual problem. I'm not trying to be a different shape, just not have hurty red inner thighs. In May, I found the holy grail at Target of all places.

These Jockey slip shorts are a God-send. For only $12, I bought two pair - one in pink, one in tan. They go up to size XXL, which fit my size 18-22ish butt. At Target they only had one other color (black), but in doing some research I found that if you buy them direct from Jockey or on Amazon, you will get a wider choice of color selection. I usually stick to the more neutral colors so then I can wear them under any color dress. That's why I have such a "boring" (I call them sensible) collection of bras too - because I always go with tan! These shorts have already been worn about 5 times in the last month I've had them. These are already my number one summer must have.

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