Tuesday, June 23, 2015

SNS Nail Review

I do not get my nails done often. I actually went about six months without painting them at all. When I used to get them done, I was a huge fan of gel nails. I loved them so much in fact that my cousins got me a gel nail set for at home, which I can assure you, I have gotten their money's worth. When my friend at work showed me her new SNS Nails, I was very intrigued. There's no lights, it's all your nail underneath (like gel), odor free, and it has added calcium to it making it healthier for your nails. She showed me the SNS Nails website where they have a locator for salons.

I went to a salon and met a wonderful woman, Christine. She said this was her first time using the powder on a real person though she had been trained on the technique. There was an insane amount of colors to pick from and I settled on a vibrant summery orange. First she applied the gel base, then dip in powder, then repeat three times. The end result was really lumpy and weird. I'm not going to lie, I was worried. Then she brought out that terrifying sander thing that makes me think of the dentist, sanded them smooth, then filed. Then there's a top coat that she put on and told me to sit still. The whole process took 30 minutes, including the 5 minute sitting at the end.

The first picture is the day I got them done, the second picture a week in, and the last picture (I believe the best picture of the color) above is 3 weeks in. Below we have after the take down. I did them at home with pure acetone on a cotton ball pressed against the nail wrapped in aluminum foil. I let them soak for 45 minutes or an episode of Chopped. They came off rather smoothly, only a few nails that I didn't wrap very well getting scratched. I was surprised at how strong my nails felt once the SNS was gone. They didn't feel thin where they had grown out at all.

In the almost three and a half weeks I had the SNS nails, I didn't experience any cracking or peeling. The only time I got a chip was when I closed the car door on my thumb - ouch! And even then, the polish didn't start to give me any trouble at all. For $40, including tip, and 30 minutes off my time, I will definitely be getting this treatment again. I would also highly recommend it if you're worried about the UV lights or are just wanting to try something new!

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