Saturday, June 13, 2015

Tell All

I asked you guys what you wanted to know about me and here's my answers!

What's been your greatest success and toughest struggle in the past year?
  • My greatest success over the past year has been definitely been job related. I started my current job a little over a year a go and I am so proud of all the personal strides I've made. I used to be a bit of a pushover, people pleaser in my younger years and now, I've found the balance between kind/helpful and still taking care of me. I also used to be afraid of talking to people, just in general. I didn't make eye contact, I didn't enjoy meeting new people because I was afraid they wouldn't like me. I for sure don't have that fear anymore!
  • My toughest struggle this year has been, welcome to the real world, money related. It's a shock being 25 (almost 26) and realizing I need to save money in case the washing machine breaks. It's shocking seeing plane ticket prices and looking at hotels in horror when I have a real rent to pay and responsibilities. It's been a huge eye opener for me since moving in with Myke. It's like I'm actually an adult now.

How do you stay self motivated?
  • What helps me is thinking about Future Lauren. Future Lauren is going to be really sad looking back that she didn't finish the Blog A Day In June challenge. Future Lauren is going to be sad when she gets a flat tire because she didn't go get her car looked at. Future Lauren is going to have a stomach ache if I eat six pieces of cake along with fried chicken. I have Future Lauren to thank for keeping me in check.

Do I have any regrets?
  •  I do not. I honestly believe that every decision I ever made, everything I've ever done has shaped me into this strong beautiful woman I am today. I wouldn't take any of it back.

How would I spend my last day?
  •  I'd make all my family (chosen and biological) take off work and spend the day with me. I would want to eat delicious food, homemade and not, and play with everyone's animals and babies.
Did I leave anything out that y'all are dying to know?

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