Thursday, June 18, 2015

Throwback Thursday

I thought it would be fun to not only show you adorable pictures of myself but also share with you some words I said in the past! So here's some old tweets from 2010 along with little Lauren pictures.

I don't remember falling asleep, but I know I was in your arms. I remember you and that's enough to take me down.

All this facebook foreplay, but in person - zilch.

I hate when the person you're supposed to meet is running really late and you get a facebook status update of their's on your phone.

16.9 oz. 20 calories. 10 min. Gotta love Sugar Free Redbull. So awake I'm shaking.

I love moments that feel like they should be in black and white.

Dear Stairmaster, you make my legs feel like jello. Love, L.

What a crazy drunk british lesbian night.

I'm picking people apart, keeping what I want for myself, discarding the rest.

"Your outfits are always stylish, but then you look like you've been partying all night... a haute mess" ...thanks?

This night is so "us" it's absurd.

Ugh. Chili's food baby. Must abort.

There's reason number 27 why I wouldn't lose it to you. "There's 27!?" And counting...

I got you corn dogs! "I wanted hot dogs on buns!" It's a cheaper version of the same damn thing!

The truck in front of me just swerved to not hit a turtle. He's also blasting Green Day. I think I'm in love.

Dear Lauren, a question mark is not a sentence. Love, Lauren.

Dear which which employee, if you can't multitask please choose making my sandwich over talking. xoxo Lauren

I didn't realize the smell of cigarette smoke on my skin could bring back so many memories.

I just heard someone refer to polar bears as "cracker bears".

His p90x got replaced by xbox360.

See that slightly overweight college student dressed as a homeless man? I'm attracted to him.

The train- the great american dinosaur.

Pet peeve of the day: crocs with socks.

I have never seen her eat seductive crackers.

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