Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Top 5 Apps

I am on my phone a lot throughout the day. If we're being completely honest, my most used apps are Instagram, Messages, Mail, and recently Tumblr. I thought those were pretty standard though so here's my top five apps that you may not already know about! I do have an IPhone, but all of these apps are available on Android phones as well.
  1. Afterlight 
    • This is my absolute favorite photo editing app. I use it for Instagram mostly, but I also use it for IOS pictures I put on my blog! It's easy to add the white sides which make every picture "square" with no cropping necessary! They also have great filters and I find it easier to change the settings for color, tone, sharpness, etc in this app as opposed to Instagram. You can easily open your newly edited pic in IG or save it to your camera roll for later.
  2. Tapped Out 
    • I have been playing this game for years now. It's a Simpson themed tapping game. You just mindlessly tap and win money and donuts. You use the money and donuts to build buildings, get characters, and then those things give you more money and sometimes donuts. You can also visit other people's towns for, you guessed it, money and donuts. I spend a lot of time on this app and I'm not even embarrassed about it.
  3. Wunderlist 
    • If you know me, you know I love lists. I love making them, checking things off, remaking them minus the checked things. Wunderlist in the ultimate app for me because Myke will use it too. We mostly use it for groceries, but we have lists for restaurants we want to try and movies we want to see. We use it to keep track of chores we need to do too. It's so great because sometimes we don't go to the grocery store together. It keeps us from double buying! We also have separate lists that we don't share that are like our to do lists. I have one for blog updates, post ideas, and just random chores.
  4. Voxer
    • This is basically an app that turns your phone into a walky talky. I only wish I could convince more people to get it, BUT my bof and wifey have it and it's perfection. I like that it's the ease of texting, but I get to hear your voice! I get to hear tones and laughter! Leah and I use it during the weekday mornings a lot to talk to each other on our drives to work! It's super nice because you don't have to say things like "Hold on, I need to merge" or "Hold on, I need to order my breakfast." You can take all the safe necessary breaks in conversation you need to!
  5. Fitbit
    • If you don't have a Fitbit then you will not like this app; however, if you do like me and also have to often keep it tucked away in your bra because you don't have pockets - this app is a lifesaver! This is the really the whole way I track my progress throughout the day with my fitbit safely snuggled in my bra. It will drain your battery quicker if you check it multiple times a day like me - so just keep that in mind! I don't mind charging it every night if I have to though - it's worth it to be able to check my fitness status.

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