Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Turning 26 - What I Did This Weekend

This weekend was just fab. Here's some pictures from eating at Andolini's Pizza where they make homemade mozzarella twice a day, sleeping over at the Oklahoma Aquarium where sharks swam over my head, hibachi with all of my best friends (minus my baby in NY), to Father's Day at Zarate's Latin Grill where we ate fried plantains and yucca fries.


Not pictured - Watching Inside Out Friday morning with a delicious McGriddle for breakfast, purchasing a Blu Ray/DVD player to watch Girls on, my car battery dying (subsequent purchase of new battery and installation courtesy of Myke D), frozen yogurt, wonderful gifts and kind words, sushi dinner, watching Jaws in a packed theatre with lovely friends, and staying up way too late.

Shout out to the wonderful Myke D for helping me document this wonderful adventure. All the beautiful pictures are his.

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