Thursday, June 11, 2015

What's in my Purse?

So, I like when people post stuff like this because I'm really freaking nosey. If I could get in your homes and snoop around, I would. I don't want to take anything, I don't want to black mail you, I just want to know what you're doing! In the spirit of nosiness - here's what I'm carrying around in that giant sack all day!

I don't normally carry about a book with me, but this one is so good and I've been reading it before work and at lunch sometimes. My phone case is empty because I used my phone for these pictures. Also, in my bag an umbrella, a smashed down tote, planner, notebook, pens, BC, personal alarm, and other trinkets we'll delve into now!
These are my keys. I've been focused on making them cute and I'm really into keychains right now. I think I've reached my happy place because I am loving how this looks!
You guys know Ursula is basically my queen. This is a fabulous pocket mirror I found at Hot Topic, along with my EOS sweet mint chapstick featured in my Makeup Essentials and some clementine body butter.
I always have something sweet on me. These butter mints from Chick Fil A are my favorite with some sweet mint gum and orange tic tacs!
Finally, the most important pieces of my purse - planner and wallet. In my planner you will find tickets from recent events (my movie tickets are in my wallet) as well as the photo strips Myke and I have taken together. I also have a little notebook I carry around. Right now it's got my blog a day schedule so I can stay on track! I started carrying two pens around recently so now it's twice as easy to find one in my purse!

What do you carry in your bag all the time?

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