Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Locker Room Feelings

I've recently been attending water aerobics with my wifey while she has a free visitor pass for the month of July. I used to go the YMCA a lot with my mom for water aerobics when I was younger, but ever remember the locker room being an issue. Since my teen years, I have gone to the gym and never needed to use the locker room because I come in work out gear and leave in the same.
Now, at 26 and comfortable in my own skin the locker room experiences have been awkward. Which is really strange to me because you'd think being body positive and happy, it'd be easier. First, let me tell you about the layout - There's four giant open spaces with about 200 lockers, 4 showers, and 7 bathroom stalls (1 being handicapped). Now, let me mention this particular story happened when said wifey, Leah had to leave class early this past weekend.

  1. I'm comfortable being naked in a locker room and changing but every one else seems to be waiting for a shower or a stall. Do I wait too?
  2. So then I get tired of waiting and take myself out of line. Source:
  3. I'm standing by my locker, back turned to everyone in the room and start taking off my still dripping wet swimsuit. One of the women from my class, fully changed, walks to the locker right beside mine and then sits on the bench behind me and starts texting.
  4. With my already swimsuit completely unzipped in the front, cleavage city, I make my way back to the stalls. I'm not about to put my pale butt in this lady's face.
  5. Snagging the coveted handicapped bathroom, I finally strip and dry off. The struggle is real with my sports bra and damp skin. I spend longer than I want to admit trying to get it unrolled in the back.
  6.  Then heading back to the locker to put on my shoes and shirt, I make eye contact with a perfect woman specimen in the mirror. Mirror eye contact is the worst. 

Of course, at the end of all this I know I'm a perfect land mermaid who's allowed to exist and take up space and have a whale of a time. These experiences will not stop me from going to the gym if I want, but damn locker rooms are awkward. Do you think it's just that everyone's super uncomfortable with being naked in front of each other?

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  1. I know exactly what you mean! I hate how there is a set routine in the locker rooms, but it's like an unspoken rule. And if you're new, chances are you're going to do one little thing wrong. Gyms are super weird like that.

    1. Under the gym's locker room rules there should be hand written ones like "rules from the women who actually change (or don't) here".

  2. We just joined the Y. I dread this. Dread. But thanks for making me laugh.

  3. We just joined the Y. I dread this. Dread. But thanks for making me laugh.