Monday, September 28, 2015

Great State Fair of OKLAHOMA

Fall begins in Oklahoma with the Great State Fair! Every year is it full of fried food, animals, shows, and rides! This year marks the fourth year Leah and I have taken a half day and spent 7+ hours at this wonderful affair! Here, it'll be like you were there with us with this wonderful photographic documentary.

Wifey with her first fried Oreos.
Fried cheese curds from MN
Close up of the cheese curd perfection.
ShenaniGUNs show is a Wild West Show full of puns and terrible jokes.
It's hilarious and we love it. Year 3 with a cast photo!
That's a 520 lb pumpkin!
The petting zoo anywhere is always in my top 3.
This is the second year the Extreme Raptors show has come to the fair! For a small fee you can take your picture with one of the birds! Of course I opted in and picked an owl. Leah also chose to hold a bird this year. This was a HUGE deal because she does not like birds. They didn't have the golden eagle this year because it was too hot sooooo she ended up holding BB - Black Beauty a black vulture. Literally the craziest thing that could happened did. She was holding her and BB was not super into it. Then the trainer fed her while Leah was still holding her! BB's wings opened into Leah's face and she remained calm! She didn't scream or drop BB or anything!! Plus she looked super cute whilst doing it all!
Our annual selfie - this time in front of a gorgeous painted panel.
The Zoppe Family Circus!
This beautiful goddess did all kinds of crazy strong graceful moves in the air.
I was completely taken with her.
And here she is next to me! Absolute beauty!
The star of the show - ringmaster/clown/comedic perfection.
My original favorite fair food - Combination Vegetable Basket.

So a run down of the food is fried oreos, bacon cheese curds, italian sausage, fried veggies, Diamond Dawg (corn dog with cap'n crunch batter), and chocolate covered key lime pie. I also drank two giant lemonades and probably could have drank about six more. Plus this wonderful man gave us each a cup of ice for free. That obviously melted to water rather quick and was a definite life savor. We walked through some shopping buildings, horse and goats barns, and AgTropolis which is an area with baby animals and a butterfly birthing area. We always love to walk through the Creative Arts building as well. I love looking at the bug collections, photography, quilts, food, and everything else I care about really including this terrifying Olaf cake.

Did any of your attend the Oklahoma state fair? Did you seek out Donald Trumpkin like we did (we even had to ask InFAIRmation)? Or do you live somewhere else with other wonders? Tell me of the adventures!

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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Let's Talk About Sex - Lady Edition

I feel like if you've made it this far past the title I shouldn't need a disclaimer, but I'm all about warning people. If you continue to read about the jump, you will find answers to my top 5 vagina related questions. The myths are things that I once thought as a young woman and since have done research to discover the truth. Maybe you've always wondered some of these things, but like me were too shy to ask.