Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Prime Time

Possible TV Spoilers Ahead

So I recently upgraded to Hulu with no commercials and because of this have been watching a lot more TV. I get to stay up with the shows airing on TV currently as well as catch up on the shows that got lost along the way for me. Since TV is taking over my life I thought I'd share some thoughts with y'all.

Returning Shows
Once Upon A Time
Why was Merida even in the first episode? I know it was to test Emma's evil or whatever, but that literally could've been anyone. They just wanted any excuse to use a popular character. I don't see her popping back up this season since they're in another freaking realm, but maybe she got brought over? She doesn't seem to really fit with the Camelot theme they seem to be edging toward though. Also, I know they're probably going to reveal why Emma went dark through the season as everyone's gaining their memories back and blah, blah, but I wish she wasn't trying to snuff out all the light. I don't understand her end game. Does she want to be alone? Does she want everyone to be evil with her?

I'm so happy for Scarlett to love her boyfriend and I'm glad that she's finally distancing herself from Gunnar. I am all for them getting together, but not while she's with someone else. She is way better than that. I'm tired of Juliette pushing everyone away when she needs help. I understand that it's a hard thing to admit, but hasn't that been a big chunk of her story the last 3 seasons, could she grow already? I  was so proud of her for opening up to Avery, but y'all know what happened and now I'm really confused. Luke was absolutely killing it for me. I love that he's fighting for Will. "Small town doesn't always mean small minded." I hate that he was proved wrong.

Faking It

I started out this show because I wanted a mindless twenty minute high school show. I got exactly what I asked for. I wasn't sure about the content at first, but the show has been very good about stressing how important it is to be true to yourself. If you watched it, you know it doesn't start out that way! It doesn't hurt that I think Rita Volk (Amy) is a beautiful goddess either. I have no complaints so far about this show. I'm glad that Amy and Karma are such amazing friends. I'm glad that they're all being honest and open with themselves and each other.

The Mindy Project
This show can do no wrong this season for me. Hulu has my undying love since they brought back my beloved show. I'm just so happy they're back!

Premier Season
Scream Queens
 We are two episodes in and I'm loving all the cheesy goodness. My only concern is that I'm not sure where they're going to go from here. By my count, they've killed off four people already. They're jerking us around a lot too and I recognize that. They're trying to keep us guessing on who's the killer, I get it. I'll keep watching, but sadly I don't see this show getting a second season.

 Myke pointed out a very interesting issue with the set up of this show. We have no investment in any of these characters yet, but the very first episode we're supposed to be rooting for Alex to not be a terrorist. Then, they flashback to tell us why we should believe her. They drop hints about things that we will learn about in the immediately following flashbacks. That is the entire layout of the show and I'll take it, but looking toward the future, I'm not sure how a season 2 would lay out. However, the characters are interesting and I care enough two episodes in to want to know what's going to happen so I'll keep watching.

Playing Catch Up 
 Only one season of this show was ever made and I missed giving it my support will it was on air. With only 10 episodes, I'm almost done already and I'm so sad to know this show is gone. The characters are funny and well rounded, the situations are so true of what I know about "mean girl" societies and I love all the drama. I could see this being a controversial show, especially in the south, but it's honestly such a good portrayal of a lot of people I grew up around/know now.

Elementary (S2)

I know I've mentioned this one before and I am back on it. I really do just love Sherlock Holmes as a character idea, so any spin on him I'll take. There's honestly never been a version I didn't like. I find this take particularly interesting as he is a recovering drug addict and Watson, as you know is played by a woman (Lucy Liu). It's more a kin to Criminal Minds in my head than say BBC's Sherlock. If you like detective stories with a heart, this is a show for you.

Community (S5)
 I don't know. I think they jumped the shark around season 3, but I just keep watching it. The characters are so gold for me. Troy and Abed are my absolute faves, but every one else is lovely as well. Troy and Britta just broke up and I'm sad, but not really. The whole show is like fluff for me. I'm not super invested, but I keep coming back.

My list of shows to watch keeps getting longer and longer. Some of them I'm already seasons behind on. It includes How To Get Away With Murder, Jane the Virgin, Empire, and Chicago PD.

Have you started watching any of the new shows this fall? Fall in love with any old shows or still loving any? Is there something I need to start now that I've missed?

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  1. Watch Gotham! Also, I dutifully skipped the paragraph about Faking It, yay me!