Friday, October 23, 2015

Wildest Dreams

In a sea of 60,000 people Taylor Swift reached me. Her concert held no surprises and that's why the $200 club level ticket was worth it. What I expected was to dance, tear up, laugh, and get an awesome special guest. Boy, did Tay deliver.

I've seen Taylor Swift twice now. I first saw her in October of 2011 on her Speak Now tour in Oklahoma City. It was a fairy tale spectacular, a princess dream. Taylor's done a lot of growing in the last four years - as we all have I'm sure - and this definitely reflected in her concert. It was still a fun flashy set, but polished and professional.

I went with my wifey, Leah and her niece, Danika to the AT&T Center in Arlington last week. It was Dani's first concert and I feel so lucky I got to experience that with her! Shawn Mendez opened first and we missed him, but none of us really noticed honestly. We saw Vance Joy perform who was a wonderful opener. You can't fake a talent like that.

After Vance Joy, there was the waiting period of set switching and such that happens at every concert. Taylor really understands life though because I can't tell you if that waiting period was 30 minutes or two hours. She had a filler video playing with outtakes and behind the scenes from her music videos, Q&A with Taylor, and trivia. It was a seamless transition to the main event.

She opened with Welcome to New York because obviously we had been waiting for her and it's been waiting for us. I thought this was smart also because it's how she opens the album. It felt right. She followed up with New Romantics which is probably one of my favorite tracks on 1989. It doesn't make sense to me that it's a just bonus track, but she played it and that's all that matters. Blank Space was really cool because of a layered break down loop she did in the middle during the "boys only want love if it's torture" line with harmonies and the personalized singing of "Texas."

She did some older songs re-imagined including sort of a rock cover of I Knew You Were Trouble and an acoustic version of Fifteen that were both magical. Our special guest was Ellie Goulding who Tay sang Love Me Like You Do with. She finished with Wildest Dreams, Out of the Woods, and Shake It Off. The entire set list is below the break if you wish to see it.

There were bracelets provided to each of us taped to the back of our seats that lit up in beat to the music. They changed colors based on the song - ranging from white to red. She had twelve backup dancers, a live band, and backup singers. Plus she also featured video interviews with some of her Squad - Lena, Selena, HAIM, Jamie, Cara, and Gigi plus cameos from Meredith and Olivia! The middle of the catwalk raised and spun over the crowd. Taylor walked that catwalk while it was in the air and played the piano and guitar up there! The transitions between the songs with about 10 costume changes and set changes was all very smooth and painless.

One of my favorite moments of the entire show was the lead in to Clean. She spoke about the bracelets that we were all wearing: "It takes a crowd and changes it from being like this endless sea of darkness [...] I can see you dancing, I can see the signs you made, I can see your t-shirts you're wearing." She spoke about the "generous, vulnerable, open, beautiful, warm hearted way" we were acting. How she was proud that we were dancing wildly and screaming all the lyrics with abandon. She pointed out how easy it is for someone to say something negative and how with the internet, they don't have to watch your face when they say it. "I think that it has lead to a lot of people being very self conscious. [...] I'm so proud of you for not letting those people who say we have to be cool get to you." So, of course I'm already tearing up at this point. Tay Tay, you slay me. I feel the lump in my throat while she continued to drop some knowledge.
  1. "You are not the opinion of someone who doesn't know you.
  2. Being cool does not mean acting bored and unmoved and unexcited about your life. That's not what being cool is.
  3. What's even better than being cool is being happy.
  4. The moment you can take what people say to you and walk your own footsteps, pave your own path, and decide your own definition of cool and happy - is the moment that all the mud people try to throw at you is gone. And in that moment, your clean."
A wonderful Swifty captured this whole speech HERE.

In conclusion, if you like Taylor Swift and get the chance - go see her. It's just that simple. Now, some pictures from our best night ever.

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Set List as promised
  • Welcome to New York
  • New Romantics
  • Blank Space
  • I Knew You Were Trouble
  • I Wish You Would
  • How You Get the Girl
  • I Know Places
  • Fifteen
  • Clean
  • Love Story
    (1989 Remix)
  • Style
  • Bad Blood
  • Love Me Like You Do
    (Ellie Goulding cover) (with Ellie Goulding)
  • We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
    (Rock Remix)
  • Wildest Dreams
    (Contains an element of 'Enchanted')
  • Out of the Woods
  • Shake It Off 

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