Monday, November 9, 2015

Adventure Awaits

I have so many new projects coming up that I'm very excited to share with y'all! A YouTube vlog, a newsletter that goes straight to your email, and of course new blog posts. I want you to be all up in my life and I want to make that as easy as possible. So, as always, my About Me page is constantly being updated as currently as possible AND I decided to make this post a little update as well.

I present to you my very first vlog and if you're interested, here's my vlog playlist on YouTube: HERE 

Here's where you can sign up for my newsletter which will debut in December featuring exclusive content and stories never before shared. It will range from poems to old dating stories to just whatever the hell I want.


And here's my four favorite blogs of my own right now:
Don't forget, you can subscribe to my blog via email as well, so you don't miss any new content!

Now, is there any content specifically that you'd like to see more of from me? Body positivity as it relates to something, fashion, personal stories, or advice are some things I've heard before. PLEASE leave your suggestions below or contact me privately to let me know!

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