Monday, November 2, 2015

Bibbidi Bobbidi BOO

For Halloween 2015, I went as Cinderella! Here she is...
Once again, as you saw in my throwback Halloween Thursday, this year I pieced together my costume from a few different places. Dress from Modcloth, wig from Ebay, "glass" slippers from Amazon, earrings from Walmart, headband from Forever 21. The wig was probably the most complicated part of my costume. I had to trim the bangs which was a huge disaster. It was also not quite big enough for my head, so you can see some of the brown hair by my ears and definitely the back was a mess. Of course, we're always our biggest critics. I only received compliments from my wonderful friends and coworkers.

Of course I had to make the rounds around the office for selfies and group pics!
The Spice Girls
Villains of Gotham
All the Single Ladies
The whole group together!

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