Monday, December 21, 2015

TV Shows I Love That No One's Talking About

I've been watching a lot of TV lately. Between Myke being gone for three weeks to now being home alone all day, I have a lot of time on my hands. PLUS, TV is easy to have on in the background while I'm doing other things like job hunting and changing my address on every single thing I keep forgetting about. I thought I'd talk to you about some shows that I love, but I only know one or none people that watch them as well.

  • Broad City
    • This show is about two best friends, Ilana and Abbi living in New York City. Abbi is the solid one with a focus who often gets happily led astray with Ilana's ideas of pot fueled fun. I had seen so many meme's I didn't realize were from this show because I watched it. It's smart, funny, and definitely worth your time. It's a half hour show on Comedy Central which has recently been renewed for it's third season set to premiere in February of 2016. 
  • Truth Be Told
    • This is a premiere season for this show which started in October this year. It follows two couples who are neighbors and best friends. It explores diverse topics from marriage to race to exes. I'm sad to know that NBC reduced the number of episodes from 13 to 10 recently. This show is very honest and funny to me.
  • Young and Hungry
    • This sitcom follows Gabi, a young chef in San Francisco and her boss, Josh who is a young, rich, Steve Jobs-type. This show is also slated for a third season premiering in 2016 on Freeform, formerly ABC Family. The supporting casts includes Gabi's best friend, the house keeper, and Josh's assistant. Gabi is blunt as she is beautiful which can lead to some very interesting situations for her.
  • Liv and Maddie
    • This is a Disney show that premiered in 2013 and is currently in the middle of it's third season. It stars the lovely Dove Cameron, as twins Liv, a singing acting sensation and Maddie, a basketball star. It's a cute half hour sitcom about high school and all the drama that brings. The twins also have hilarious parents and two younger brothers with their own hi-jinks. 
  • Crazy Ex Girlfriend
    • This CW show premiered October of this year, it's an hour long comedy drama musical. It's about an unhappy big time New York lawyer who's inspired to make a huge change in her life and moves to West Covina, California! That's also happens to be where Josh, he ex from middle school theatre camp goes, but of course that's not why she's there... In West Covina she makes new friends, dates, and of course hilarity ensues! The musical aspect of the show is original shows thrown in at random, maybe 2-3 an episode that are situational and add to the story line.
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine
    • This is a single camera police comedy sitcom on Fox. It is currently in the midst of it's third season. It centers around Andy Samberg's character, Jake Peralta who works as a hot-shot police detective in the Brooklyn precinct. There's also Amy - his competitive coworker, Terry - a family man with a wrestler's body, Charles - the dorky sidekick that idolizes Jake, and Rosa - the sort of scary detective that has a hidden soft side. Then, the captain who's probably my favorite character. He's tough, dry, and a very good sport.

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