Thursday, January 7, 2016

Saturday in Duluth

This past weekend Myke and I spent some time in Duluth, our new (to me) stomping grounds. We started off at Grandma's Saloon & Grill, a Duluth institution since 1976. This, the original location, is right by the Aerial Lift bridge. I had smokey bacon mac and cheese, Myke ate a Godfather sandwich (roast beef with hot peppers and au ju), and we had onion rings to start. It was all delicious.

Then we headed down Canal Park Dr to explore the shops that line the streets. I finished the very last purchase for my Christmas shopping, slacking I know, and we found our way to Fizzy Waters. Myke took me here last year when we visited and it's such a gem. For my lovely Okies reading this blog, it's like a small store front Pops. Everything's on shelves instead of being refrigerated though. We also explored Goodwill and a few other knick knack shops where I found the treasure a few pictures below....

Finally, on our way back to the house we stopped at a Visitor Center to take some pictures of the amazing sunset over Duluth. Myke got me a portable tripod and a bluetooth remote for my phone camera which I am still working out as evidenced below. However, we ended up with some really cute shots throughout the day thanks to my new equipment.

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