Monday, January 25, 2016

Valentine's Gift Ideas for the Gal in Your Life

Whether you're in a new relationship or you've been together for a while, Valentine's Day can put some pressure on a relationship. I searched high and low and these are my top picks for VDay presents. Bonus: they're all under $30. You can combine them with something else or they stand alone nicely!

  • No need to spend $35+ dollars on an edible arrangement! Take a page out of my man's book and make chocolate covered strawberries for your lady right home!  Find a solid step by step recipe HERE. If you want to get on Myke D's level: hollow out the inside of your strawberry and fill it with cheesecake!!
  •  Either to display or use in making delicious meals, this personalized cutting board is a favorite of mine. Whether you put your first date year or you wedding year, she'll cherish it forever. HERE
  •  You can fit up to 10 characters on this personalized bar necklace! It's the new wave of the Carrie necklace, chic and classic looking. HERE
  • Take it a step further than your favorite selfie together. Custom portrait illustration is such a fun way to immortalize yourselves. It'll look great and be a conversation starter in your home! HERE 
  •  I almost didn't post this because I love it so much. If some of you get these from me in the future, don't be upset that I told everybody I was going to. These "Open When" cards are incredible. You can tailor them to any person, they don't have to be romantic. I do think they are a great idea for Valentine's Day specifically though. HERE

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  1. Omg! I remember your letters that you had me open on different parts of my trip to Europe!!